Welcome to the Shimlar Manual

Shimlar is a free multiplayer online RPG. It is free to play and only requires a web browser or mobile device to play.

You start by creating your character. You give yourself a name, and select race and gender. You can log in right away.

After login, you find yourself in the starting area of your race at the position of 1,1. You will see your name and statistics on the upper left, movement directions on the upper right, a combat option just below, and the chat in the bottom part of the screen.

You can start attacking monsters right away, but you can move around a bit first to get to know where the important stuff is, there are places in your area:

  • [S] The Guilded Anvil: Purchase weapons, armor and accessories. Sell any items.
  • [M] The Arcanium: Purchase spells, enchant items and locate players.
  • [R] The Royal Infirmary: Revive your corpse and teleport to different zones.
  • [B] The National Bank: Store your gold and transfer gold to other players.
  • [T] Trading post: Buy or Sell items with other players.
  • [Q] Questboard: Enroll on a quest to kill a specific special monster and redeem rewards.
  • [E] Exit / Entrance: Exit your current zone and enter a different one.

You can see these by clicking the “Map” button just below your character stats.

You can only purchase equipment with gold not in the bank. However you can only transfer banked gold. Initially you will have 100 gold in the bank. This is enough to buy two pieces of the lowest quality equipment.

Once you get out of your starting area, you can duel other players at the same location by choosing “Players” instead of “Monsters” and selecting new fight.

All work is done -for free- by volunteers, so please appreciate the hard work that has already gone into these pages.

You can support the game by making a small donationfor which you will be rewarded in-game!