Apart from your regular items, it is also possible to equip accessories.
You can switch them around to match various needs.

They will grant your character a specific improvement, for as long as the accessory is equipped!

Accessories are scattered throughout the Realm of Shimlar! You can find some at the shop in 0,4 Essence of Malice(EoM), others can be found by finishing Conquests, and there are also ones only found through Quests!

A full list of accessories can be found in-game using the commands /accessory or /acc. For a list of accessories gained through conquests, use the in-game command /conquests or /cq.

Accessory List

NameSpecial EffectQuest Level RangeLocation
Copper Ring+2K Strength66-260EoM, Quests
Iron Ring+2K intelligence66-1kEoM, Quests
Blue Ring+2k Wisdom66-260EoM, Quests
Yellow Ring+2k Dexterity66-1k
Goblin Ring+2k Vitality & Health66-2,150EoM, Quests
Wedding RingShows your partner in your IDN/AEoM
Band of Defence+20% chance to dodge melee hitsN/AEoM
Amulet of Flames+50% Chance to dodge fire spell66-1kEoM, Quests
Amulet of Ice+50% chance to dodge cold spells66-1kEoM, Quests
Amulet of Lightning+50% chance to dodge air spells66-1kEoM, Quests
Pendant of Durability+3k Vitality & Health66-1,200EoM, Quests
Orb of Curing2x chance to cast heal spells66-260EoM, Quests
Orb of Channeling1.5x chance to hit with spells1k-2,150EoM, Quests
Orb of Power+6k IntelligenceN/AEoM
Gloves of Skill+10 to all mastery limitsN/AEoM
Gloves of Haste1.5x chance to hit with weapons1k-2,150EoM, Quests
Gauntlets of Might+6k Strength1,200-2,150EoM, Quests
Helmet of InvisibilityCannot be locatedN/AEoM
Crystal of RelocationTeleporting/Locating costs no gold1k-1,200EoM, Quests
Orb of Learning+10% Experience from monstersN/AEoM
Chalice of Luck+25% Drop Chance1k-2,600EoM, Quests
Golden Orb of EnlightenmentShows the players in a 3×3 search around you (use /g_orb command)N/AEoM
Eternal Ring10% gold lost on death instead of 100%N/AEoM
Band of the Chosen5% Experience lost on death instead of 20%1k-1,200EoM, Quests
HuggleA sign of affection 🙂N/AEoM
Circlet of Kings+65% Exp, +20 IC Weapon2/Spell2, +Special Monsters244,444-750kConquest, Quests
Wolf Eye Amulet+150% Mastery ChanceN/AQuests
Circlet of the Savant+Special Monsters7k-70kConquest, Quests
Gauntlet of Midas+25% Gold7k-70kConquest, Quests
Amethyst Paragon+6k Strength, 1.5x weapon hit chanceN/AConquest
Sapphire Paragon+6k Intelligence, 1.5x spell hit chanceN/AConquest
Gandalf Hat+25% Experience1k-2600; 25k-75kConquest, Quests
Prophecy Sphere+75% Gold, 4x Hit Chance70k-333,333Conquest, Quests
Ali Carpet+50% Drop Chance, +25 Armor Class430k-750kConquest, Quests
Ring of Forging+2 Forge Bonus, -10% Forge FP CostN/AConquest
Shimlarian Sphere+100% Exp and Gold, +150 Armor Class, +25 IC Weapon2/Spell2, 3x Hit Chance, +Special MonstersN/AConquest
Broken Conquest Charm+10% Conquest Drop ChanceN/AConquest
Weak Conquest Charm+20% Conquest Drop Chance, 10% for 2x Conquest DropsN/AConquest
Minor Conquest Charm+30% Conquest Drop Chance 20% for 2x Conquest Drops, 5% for 3xN/AConquest
Major Conquest Charm+40% Conquest Drop Chance, +30% for 2x Conquest Drops, 10% for 3x, 1% for 5xN/AConquest
Legendary Conquest Charm+50% Conquest, Gem, Shadow Drop Chance, 100% for 2x Conquest Drops, 50% for 3x, 5% for 5xN/AConquest
Conquest Charm of MagnitudeIdentical to Major Conquest Charm with +15 Item ClassN/AConquest
Conquest Charm of FortitudeIdentical to Major Conquest Charm with +15 Armor ClassN/AConquest
Goblin Pendant+8k Vitality and Health1k-7kQuests
Mythril Ring+15k Strength & Dexterity1,200-2,600Quests
Adamtite Ring+15k Intelligence & Wisdom1,200-2,600Quests
Diamond Ring+20k Str, Dex, Ntl, Wis1,200-7kQuests
Circlet of Knowledge+40% Exp, +Special Monsters11,111-120kQuests
Bracelet of Fortune+40% Exp, +35% Drop Chance11,111-120kQuests
Ruby Paragon+12k Str, 3x Weapon Hit Chance2,150-70kQuests
Emerald Paragon+12k Ntl, 3x Spell Hit Chance2,150-70kQuests
Goblin Wolf Amulet+1k Vitality & Health, +300% Mastery Chance260-120kQuests
Midas Prophecy+100% Gold70k-1MQuests
Ring of Knowledge+50% Exp2,150-120kQuests
Elemental Amulet+50% Chance to dodge Fire, Cold, and Lightning Spells66-1,200Quests
Cursed Amulet of Kings+75% Exp, -75% Gold1,200-100kQuests
Cursed Supreme Ring+100k Vitality & Health, -5 Armor Class11,111-70kQuests
Pendant of Light+65% Exp, +65% Gold70k-1MQuests
Dragonstone Necklace+60% Exp, Drop Chance, and Gold70k-1MQuests
Harvesters Ring2x Resource Drops1,250-430kQuests
Circlet of the Gods+125% Exp, +30 IC Weapon2/Spell2, +Special Monsters222,222-1MQuests
Chalice of Learning+15% Exp & Drop Chance2,600-20kQuests
Bracelet of Luck+35% Drop Chance, +10 Armor Class7k-120kQuests
Cursed Ring of Fortune+125% Gold, -75% Drop Chance52,500-430kQuests
Hobgoblin Pendant+12k Vitality & Health, +10 Armor Class11,111-52,500Quests
Ring of Mastery+25 to all mastery limits2,600-1MQuests
Shimlarian Sigil+150% Exp & Gold, +225 Armor Class, +25 IC Weapon2/Spell2, 5x Hit Chance, +Special Monsters750k+Quests
Pendant of Accuracy+3k Vitality & Health, 2x hit chance66-7kQuest
NameSpecial EffectQuest level RangeLocation

Gemming Accessories

When a character reaches certain levels the Gods feel pity for the challenges ahead and will grant the player the ability to gem their accessories.  However, they do not grant this ability easily!

First slot can be started at Level 15,000
Second slot can be started at Level 50,000

Players will randomly receive the message “The Gods have granted a slot in your accessory!” upon defeating an enemy.

A dummy/placement gem will appear in the equipped accessory (zir1).

Over time, players will randomly receive the message “The Gods have upgraded a slot in your accessory!” upon defeating an enemy. This will grow the (zir1) to (zir2)… and so on.

Since accessories have two slots, the first slot must be completed before the second one can start above zir1.

When the dummy gem is sufficient size (^9 is recommended) then head to Temple of Xi in Temple of Shadows. You may enchant the gem of your choice in exchange for marble (10k for first one, 50k for second slot).

Important Notes

You cannot disenchant accessories. Enchant carefully!

A player of any level may use and benefit from a gemmed accessory, however a low grade zir will not continue to grow unless player is over level requirements.

The zir can be exchanged with a gem of same grade or lower. Be careful, admin may chuckle at your accidental Gandalf Hat (ft*).

The zir growth is a special type of shadow drop, so anything that boosts shadow drops will boost your zir chance. See the in-game command /zir for zir rates based on your level for each slot.

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