Level Required 15+ Main Entrance None
Alignment Required None Main Exit None Teleportable?
Player Kill Zone? Yes Bank None No
Alignment Given None Shrine 10,8 Best IC Sold
Gems Dropped * Shop None N/A Weapons
N/A Armour
Drops Shadows No Magic Shop None N/A Spells
Zone Characteristics None
Other Entrances Zones List

Creatures Stats Gold Experience EQ Difficulty
Adept Sorcerer 300 20 500 2 7
Goblin Commoner 450 40 750 3 8
Harrowing Wraith 675 60 1,125 4 9
Goblin Warlord 1,012 80 1,688 5 10
Orcish Spirit Caller 1,519 100 2,531 6 12
Barbarian Fleshripper 2,278 120 3,797 7 14
Diabolic Crusader 3,417 140 5,695 8 16
Glacial Dragon 5,126 160 8,543 9 18
Necromancer Initiate 7,689 180 12,814 10 20
Steel clad Wendigo 11,533 200 19,222 11 22
Chaotic Sorcerer 17,300 220 28,833 12 24
Gibbering Cacodemon 25,949 240 43,249 13 26
Goblin Overseer 38,924 260 64,873 14 28
Flamescorn Monk 58,386 280 97,310 15 30

Shadow Items

Shadow Items

By chance after killing a creature, you may see You find a Shadow Item! That means the equipment that you are wearing at that exact moment ‘dropped’ a shadow item. A shadow item resembles normal equipment but has much lower requirements to equip. The shadow item is ended with a Roman numeral, which represents its power, so to say. A Shadow Item I would be equivalent to an item class 0 of that equipment type. For example, a Phantom Sword I would be equivalent to a Dagger (item class 0 Sword).

The Roman Numeral of the shadow item dropped depends on what equipment you had on at the time. For normal equipment between Item Class, 1 – 31, the highest possible Roman Numeral you would drop would be the lowest integer (whole number) of the following: Roman Numeral = (Item Class + 4)/5. As well, for regular equipment (Non-Shadow and Non-Mystic), the type of drop varies. Any type of equipment can drop any other type of equipment, i.e. weapon can drop armor or a spell.

For example, if you had an item class 20 mace on, you have the chance to drop a Phantom Hammer IV, Phantom Sword IV, Ghost Shield IV, Ghost Armor IV, Shadow Fire IV, etc. Item Class 0 equipment will drop a Shadow Item I.
A Shadow item can drop another shadow item. However, the roman numeral is not always the same. The roman numeral for a dropped shadow item from a shadow item will be either equal to, or less than, the roman numeral of the equipped shadow item. The type of shadow item can be variable. A weapon will always drop a weapon, a damaging spell will drop a damaging spell, armor will drop armor, and a shield or heal spell will drop a shield or heal spell.

If you have no equipment equipped in a slot, it will have a chance to drop a Shadow Item I.

A dropped shadow item has two gem slots no matter the roman numeral. Thus, those who are under level 100 will be able to use shadow items between the roman numerals of I-III (Item class, 0,5,10) and have two gem slots, if they suit the respective stat requirement.

Shadow Items can be smashed at the Equipment Shop for gold or sold in Sales Chat for a better profit. The shop does not take into account what gems may be enchanted into the items.

July 2019 Survey Results

We Asked, You Answered!

Here, we wanted to find out what the most amount of hours a player gets per day.

As you can see, it’s fairly split between 1 – 5 hours per day with on a small percentage of 2% playing more than 10 hours per day.

What We Can See From This

This shows us that players can invest a good 5 hours per day into Shimlar meaning the average player can still rack up a good amount of time to grind. Seeing results like this helps us work out what needs tweaking in future rounds to further help benefit all players. While only 2% of players can grind for twice the amount of time – it does leave some food for thought on how to approach future developments for the entire player base.

Here we wanted to see whether players could get more hours in on a weekend.

Unfortunately, the results were pretty much even throughout. We can see this in-game where some players will remain dormant or slightly active throughout a working week and then level up throughout the weekend.

What We Can See From This

We can’t really use this result to further improve the game but it’s interesting to know.

Here we wanted to see what players thought would be the best time to restart a round.

While we forgot to define what “When the player base becomes inactive” it seems that the majority of players are happy to restart a round when it’s dead.

What We Can See From This

Ideally, an inactive player base would be where a consistent amount of time has passed with about 1-6 players online within an hour. For example, if an average of 6 players are online per hour for a week, we would consider that worthy of a reset.

The remaining majority of those surveyed all agreed that anything beyond 10, 12 or 14 weeks is an ideal length of time for a round.

Here we wanted to see how players felt about product releases and the time between releasing them.

The majority of players are happy with the time between releasing things like bonus tokens or accessories however the remaining of those surveyed stated they should be released slower.

What We Can See From This

It’s difficult to judge when to release bonus tokens as the player base is quite mixed when they are actually released.

Some players message admins asking for them to be released early and others ask for them to not be released. While we can’t please everyone on this issue, we will try our best.

Our goal is to keep the players happy and as such, all products for future rounds will be scheduled and we will try our very best not to release them early unless there is a high enough demand for them.

Bonus Hour

This page is to give players an understanding on Bonus Time / Bonus Hour.

What Is Bonus Time?

Bonus Time (BT) is a feature within the game that benefits all of the players.

Bonus Tokens are used to increase in-game bonuses that range from 300% to 1200%. They last up to every hour (not for 1 hour) meaning if you redeem a token at 9:31am, the token will only last for 29 more minutes.

Bonuses include:

  • Experience Earned
  • Gold Earned
  • Gem Drop Chances
  • Shadow Item Drop Chances
  • Mastery Chances
  • Conquest And Purse Drop Chances
  • Resource Drop Chances

How Do I Buy Bonus Tokens?

Bonus Tokens can be purchased through the online store here: Shimlar Store

Here you can choose which set of tokens you would like to purchase and once the payment has gone through, an Admin will send you the tokens manually.

Redeeming Tokens In The Game

The tokens will be stored in your inventory where you can then redeem them at the following locations:

  • 1,7 The Wilderness: 300% Bonus
  • 1,6 The Wilderness: 600% Bonus
  • 1,5 The Wilderness: 900% Bonus
  • 1,4 The Wilderness: 1200% Bonus
  • 1,3 The Wilderness: 1500% Bonus

Important Information: Do Not Skip This Section

Bonus Tokens can be overwritten by other players within the game.

If a you decide to redeem a token worth 900% bonus and another player redeems a 300% token after you, your 900% will be cancelled out. You and everyone else in the game will lose out on 600% worth of bonuses for the remaining hour. Keep in mind, they do not stack.

Luckily the admin team are forgiving rulers and may grant the realms of Shimlar the higher bonus once it’s been brought to their attention.

How To Avoid Ruining BT

Before redeeming a token, make sure you check the current state of bonuses available.

The information is written clearly on the login screen or you can type in /bonus into the chat bar. This will then display all of the current bonuses.

When viewing the pop-up screen after typing in /bonus – you may see the bonuses are 100% less than what you would expect.

This is due to the way the system works out the bonuses. If you have a 300% token, please do not redeem it if the bonuses are at 200%. They are technically 300% and that’s all you need to keep in mind because you will have wasted a token.

How Will Other Players Benefit From This?

You might be aware that other players will be benefiting from your Bonus Token.

The beauty of bonus tokens / bonus hour is that when you redeem a token, everyone receives the same benefit.

You are not only supporting the games hosting, management and outgoings but you are also helping the community throughout the game.

You’ve supported the game and helped others… You are very wholesome ūüôā

Enchanting Items

You can enchant gems into equipment such as armour, swords, maces etc at any Arcanium.

The cost to enchant items is free but be careful when enchanting because you might not be a high enough level to get the benefits from the gems you put in the item.

Make sure to double check what benefit you will receive by typing /gems into the chat bar.

In this example, the character is level 100 and will only get the benefit of up to Grade 3 Gems.

This means by enchanting a grade 4 gem into the item, the character will only get 20% until it reaches a higher level.

Disenchanting Items

Once you’re level 80+ you then have access to Temple Of Shadows.

Head over to 2,3 on the map and you will be able to disenchant items.

Disenchanting is never guaranteed and you may lose all of your gems or you might save them where they end up back in your inventory.

The cost to disenchant is 100,000 gold regardless of the IC/AC of the item or the grade of the gems.

Clan Power

Clans have “power”, the more power, the more different bonuses are available to choose. Clan abilities (combat related)
are not active in duels. Clan leaders get 1.25 times the effect from abilities. The clan power is calculated from the table
below the power of each member is added to give the total clan power:


Member level

Below is the clan bonuses available and the minimum required to be able to choose that desired bonus.



Clan Bonus
Minimal Power Required
+3 Armor Class
+10% exp a kill
+20% gold a kill
+50% drop chance
1.5x damage
-1h quest wait delay
+10% temple luck


Clan Structures

Clan Structures

Misc. Stucture Effect Cost
Magic Barrier enemy spells have 15% less chance
to hit you
10 M
Blade Sharpener +20% based on the existing hit chance,
+1 weapon class to both weapons
20 M
Concentration Magnifier +30% based on the existing cast chance,
+1 spell class to both spells
40 M
Force of Friendship +20% based on the existing hit chance,
+1 weapon class to both weapons,
+30% based on the existing casting chance,
+1 spell class to both spells
80 M
Black Market sell any item for 50% more gold 160 M
Tracker Academy 3x more chance for a “special” monster 320 M

Clan Defences

Clan Defences

Clans can own a portion of land knows as kingdom. Kingdoms are NOT normal zones, there is a special
zone found at 22, 11 in the Wilderness that allows to settle kingdoms. Only a clan leader can settle a kingdom.
Kingdoms have 3 types of structures: a defence, which serves as protection against possible attackers,
a mine which sometimes makes you get specific extra gems, and a miscellaneous type which has different
effects that affect combat. The level of defence you can buy depends on clan power, so that only organized
clans can actually keep a kingdom. Anyone can attack a kingdom.
You can only have one type of mine and misc. structure active at a time, and you have to pay full price
every time you change them.
There is a kingdom treasury and a tax %. No matter where and what you fight, a certain part of it goes
to the kingdom, and can be taken freely by both clan leaders. Minimal tax is 1% and maximal is 99%.
Each clan can only have one kingdom, so that everyone gets a chance to have one.

Clan defense structures in tabulated form. (Note only sentry tower can be bought at the present time)

Defence structure Clan Power Needed Cost EQ Class Hit Points
Wood Fence  1 free 40 10 M
 Sentry Tower  30 1 M 45 20 M
 Guard Tower  45 2 M 50 30 M
 Orc Fort  60 4 M 55 40 M
 Mystic Fort  75 8 M 60 50 M
 Dragon Tower  90 16 M 65 60 M
 Flame Stronghold  105 32 M 70 70 M
 Troll Fortress  120 64 M 75 80 M
 Frozen Keep  135 128 M 80 90 M
Black Citadel 150 256 M 85 100 M
Celestial Castle 165 512 B 90 110 M
Chaos Keep 180 1024 B 95 120 M
??? 195 2048 B
(not available yet)
100 200 M


Quick Tip: Make sure you are displaying your stats before checking your masteries! – Credit: Weezy


If a starting fighter gets the best weapon, he won’t be very good with it. An apprentice magician
may learn even the most complex incantation, but the odds of it being properly used are low.
With time, you will get more skill in a chosen weapon or spell, increasing you mastery of it.

Mastery affects chance to hit and chance to score critical damage. You mastery can increase
after a certain number of successful hits, and each % is harder to get. Each race also has a certain
maximum mastery in each type of item that can be achieved as well as a certain starting bonus.
Starting bonus can be negative, as for example Giants are very bad at magic.

Double Hit Mastery

There is a special mastery called “doublehit”. It allows you to attack or cast two times a round with
each weapon or spell. Every race starts with 1% of doublehit chance, and it increases very slowly.
You can’t increase it in the temple, but you don’t lose it in reincarnation.

Your chance to hit twice is exactly your % in this mastery, meaning that 50% will make you attack twice 50% of the battles.
The Royal Academy, is located at 14, 21 in outworld. It offers the ability to evaluate your masteries
for 100 gold per level.