This beginners guide to Shimlar is designed for brand new players, looking to gain some quick knowledge on how to play the game. It’s about learning the game and understanding the fundamental basics.

There may be a guide for higher levels one day however once you pass 100+, you’ll soon get the swing of things.

Shimlar is a game based around grinding and a fantastic community of players. This guide isn’t something that will show you how to “get rich quick” or “level up faster” because that’s not what the start of the game is about for new players.

Quick Links

Starter Zones (Level 1 – 15)

After you’ve chosen your race and created your character, you start off in that races starter zone.

Starter zones are only important for a small fraction of the game.

This is a perfect place to practice attacking mobs and getting familiar with the game.

To leave a starter zone, you will need to level up, reach level 15 and head out to The Wilderness where you can explore more of the realm of Shimlar.

Your Stats Matter

Before we learn how to battle or level up, it’s worth taking a few minutes to read this section and understand the basic mechanics of the game.

Your stats are very important within the game, much like many other RPG’s – it’s not always about earning levels, but doing it the right way.

The 5 basic stats can be found here: Basic Stats

To the left hand side of your screen, click on “Stats” which shows you everything you need to know about your character and what needs improving each time you level up.

Monsters (mobs) have stats too and it’s always worth taking a quick look at what you’re fighting to see if:

  1. You can take on the mob
  2. It’s worth the hassle (there might not be enough Exp or Gold)

You can navigate through each zone and see the stats for monsters here: Mob Stats

To access each zones mob stats simply head to:

Maps >>> Scroll Down To Monsters >>> Click “Monster Details” For A More Detailed View


Weapon Class, Item Class and Armour Class are very important factors within the game.

If the base stat of a mob is IC/AC 5 and your shiny new Lamprey is only IC 4 then you will have a harder time killing the mob. Upgrade to a weapon with an IC of 6 and you will find it much easier.

As you progress through the game, you will find or buy gems that you can enchant onto your items. Some gems can boost the IC or AC of your weapons or armour. To see what gems will boost these classes, just type /gems into the chat bar.

You can learn more about the basics of gems here: Gem Basics

How To Battle / Level Up

The basics of battling is pretty simple.

Choose a mob to attack from the drop down menu and select “New Fight”.

Depending on whether you are a caster or a fighter, click “Cast” or “Attack“.

Each spell that you have equipped will have a different affect on the mob or yourself. For example, if you have both fire and arcane spells equipped, you will damage the mob and heal yourself.

Choosing attack will only attack the mob and you will not be healed unless you have the correct gems or items enchanted which will be further on in the game.

Battle Exp

Each mob that you defeat will give you both Exp and Gold.

To level up, you simply need to earn enough exp for that level. Keep an eye on “Next Level At” to see how much experience you still need.

Once you have levelled up, you will be asked to choose a stat to raise.

Gaining levels in Shimlar can be a grind which is one of the best aspects of the game. To level up faster, you can try your luck at questing which we will go through later on in the guide.

Navigating The Map

On the left hand side of your screen, click “Map”.

This will tell you your position in the zone and will help you navigate the lay of the land.

Click “North” “South” “East” or “West” to move throughout your zone.

It’s really straight forward and doesn’t take long to remember the layout of where you are.


When you kill a mob, you will earn gold. Your gold on hand will be lost if you are KO’d which can be a pain if you’ve accumulated enough worth banking.

Head over to the bank and you will be able to choose from the drop-down menu whatever option you like.

You can deposit some gold, withdraw some gold or deposit/withdraw all of your gold.

You are also able to transfer an amount of gold to another player.

As mentioned previously, it’s worth banking your gold every so often just in case you are KO’d by a mob.

Shopping For Items

This is pretty easy to work out but within a zone, there will be a shop.

Shops allow characters to buy or sell items.

Before purchasing an item you can click on “Examine” to see the prerequisites for equipping it.

Make sure your stats match up to the required stats or you won’t be able to equip it.

Some zones only sell certain items and this is something you will need to pick up on as you level throughout the game. Once you hit level 200, you are pretty much set on where to get those items by heading into Catacombs.

Quick Tip: For accessories, head over to Essence Of Malice when you are level 150+ to buy them. Hit the drop down and choose the bottom option “Accessories“.

Where To Buy Spells

Again, in most zones, you are able to purchase and sell spells.

Much like the shop that sells swords and armour, this location and the process is the same.

The main difference here is that you can enchant items and locate a player if you have 20,000 gold on hand.

What Happens If I Die?

If you’re KO’d then head over to the shrine.

You can revive your player here and also teleport to locations for 20,000 gold.

Keep in mind that you can only teleport in other zones that your level allows. A level 100 won’t be able to teleport into Fallen Temple for example.

Monsters Drop What You Need

Alongside dropping exp and gold, mobs randomly drop other cool things like gems, purses, masteries and shadow items.

Make sure to keep an eye out for these types of drops because it might be something you need now or later on.

You can learn more about gems, masteries and shadow items here:

Sales And Trading Post Explained

The Trading Post or TP is a fantastic way to sell your unwanted gear, items or gems. 

Find a zone that has one (Talorn is a good example) and you can then sell your stuff or buy something you need.

To sell something, just select the item you want to sell, add in the amount you want for it and put the item on sale.

That sale then gets posted into Sales where other Shimlarians can see and potentially buy from you. The trade is anonymous for you but you will see who has purchased the item.

The best thing about this feature is the anonymity and the ability to sell something and not be haggled or bartered with.

The buy an item, simple view the items for sale at the TP and click the buy button.

The player selling the item will see you’ve purchased it and a notification will be posted into the Sales chat.

Go Out And Explore

Once you hit level 15, you’re able to go and explore the outside zones. Not all of them are available yet but as you level up, you will be able to enter new zones.

You can see the full list of zones and their level requirements here: Outside Maps

The first place you will experience outside of the starter zones is The Wilderness.

Attack an Adept Sorcerer, see what you’re made of and if you’re not ready just head back into your starter zone and level up some more.

Head into Enchanted Forest, battle some mobs and get to grips with your character and how to battle.

If you can kill a few mobs, level up and start collecting some gold. You will need gold from mobs early on in the game before you start dropping gems to sell at the Trading Post.

Basic Chat Commands To Remember

After hitting level 15, you gain the ability to speak in chat. You are more than welcome to ask other players for help and advice and Shimlar has a very loyal player base so their is plenty of experience to be shared.

Aside from hints and tips from other players, you may want to look into typing in the following into the chat bar:

  • /races – Displays race details and stats
  • /professions – Displays profession details and stats: Learn More
  • /emblems – Displays emblem details: Learn More
  • /gems – Displays gem grade abilities: Learn More
  • /fusion – Tells you what gems fuse together: Learn More
  • /last – Lets you set your last name after level 50
  • /conquest – Displays side quests for you to complete: Learn More

For a full list of chat commands: Click Here

A Faster Approach To Hitting 100

One of the quicker ways to level up to 100 is to head over to 20,21 in The Wilderness and enter the Questmaster Hut.

Once inside, go to the middle of the zone and look for quests to complete.

Questing is fairly simple to understand.

Just sign up for a quest.

Head to the required zone, kill a special mob and kill the right one

Then head back over to the QM’s Hut and claim your reward.

You will then be rewarded exp, gold a random amount of resources and gems once you are a high enough level.

You will notice in the image above that you can “Bribe The Questmaster”.

After each quest, type /quest to see when you can complete another quest.

You can bribe the QM different grade “Malachite’s” in order to reduce your quest timer.

You can learn a little bit more about questing here: QM’s Hut

Killing Other Players

PK’ing other players is something that happens in the world of Shimlar every day.

When you’re out in The Wilderness or in a zone that allows PK’ing then you have the ability to take out other players.

To PK another player, just hit the dropdown that says “Monsters” and select the bottom option “Players“.

If another player is on the same tile as you, click on “New Fight” and begin your attack.

Depending on the other players and your stats, accessories, IC/AC and gems can determine who will be the victor.

The best way to learn and understand PK’ing is to go to Essence Of Malice and practice away. EoM is a great place once you reach level 150 and many players early on in the round prefer to grind there.

Joining A Clan

Once you reach level 100 you have the ability to join a clan.

Clans will often post in gen chat to say they are accepting members or you can post asking if there are any clans taking on new members.

Being in a clan has many benefits which you can explore here: Clans

To join a clan, head over to 2,2 in Royal University, have 1,000,000 gold in your hand and click “Apply To Join Clans“.

A clan leader or co-leader will then accept you into the clan.

Click on the “Race/Clan Chat” tab and get to know you clannies.

One of the many benefits of joining a clan is the ability to learn more about the game. Clan members are always willing to help out their fellow brethren and can often give solid advice to new players.

Understanding The Top Lists

Being the best is what many players strive for. Whether it’s the top PK’s, most amount of gold or the strongest clan – it can be a fun goal to reach.

At the bottom of your screen, there will be a green link saying “Top Lists“.

You can choose what race top list (or all races) you want to check out and view things like gold, levels, pk’s, clan power, moderators (online), special kills and much more.

Other Things To Learn After Level 100

Guides Coming Soon…

  • What Gear Should I Equip For My Race (Currently Writing)
  • Mastery Training For Beginners (Not Started)
  • Ways To Earn FP (Not Started)

That’s All For Now Folks

I mean, I could write absolutely every aspect of the game but where would be the fun in that?

The amazing part about playing Shimlar is learning from other players. Sure, there are the basics which I’ve written here but some techniques come from within the community itself.

One more thing that you should consider doing is spreading the word about Shimlar. If you enjoy the game head over to Reddit or Facebook or even Twitter and tell others about how great it is. The more people that play Shimlar, the more fun it becomes. New players turn into more loyal, experienced players and help the newbies – a perfect cycle. Also, the more players we get, the more new features, zone and conquests will be developed so the old school players have something new to play with.

It’s something to think about at least….


Written by Decanus – “Game Of Thrones Season 8 Was Disappointing…. Prove Me Wrong