Bonus Hour

This page is to give players an understanding on Bonus Time / Bonus Hour.

What Is Bonus Time?

Bonus Time (BT) is a feature within the game that benefits all of the players.

Bonus Tokens are used to increase in-game bonuses that range from 125% to 300%. They last for 2 hours on the hour, meaning if you redeem a token at 9:31am, the token will only last for 1 hour, 29 more minutes.

Bonuses include:

  • Experience Earned
  • Gold Earned
  • Gem Drop Chances
  • Shadow Item Drop Chances
  • Mastery Chances
  • Conquest And Purse Drop Chances
  • Resource Drop Chances

How Do I Buy Bonus Tokens?

Bonus Tokens can be purchased through the online store here: Shimlar Store

Figure 1: Buying Token Selection

Here you can choose which set of tokens you would like to purchase and once the payment has gone through, Scotticus (The Owner) will send you the tokens manually.

Redeeming Tokens In The Game

The tokens will be stored in your inventory where you can then redeem them at the designated Bonus Zone from the Shrine teleport list, alternatively located at 21,21 in the Wilderness. Select which token to use to activate Bonus Time.

Figure 2: Zone to use tokens
Figure 3: Where to Activate Tokens

Another player can use their own token to upgrade BT to a higher value, but cannot set it to a lower value

Information about what bonuses are open are used by the /bonus command. 100% is the normal value displayed.

How Will Other Players Benefit From This?

You might be aware that other players will be benefiting from your Bonus Token.

The beauty of bonus tokens / bonus hour is that when you redeem a token, everyone receives the same benefit.

You are not only supporting the games hosting, management and outgoings but you are also helping the community throughout the game.

You’ve supported the game and helped others… You are very wholesome 🙂

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