Quick Tip: Make sure you are displaying your stats before checking your masteries! – Credit: Weezy


If a starting fighter gets the best weapon, he won’t be very good with it. An apprentice magician
may learn even the most complex incantation, but the odds of it being properly used are low.
With time, you will get more skill in a chosen weapon or spell, increasing you mastery of it.

Mastery affects chance to hit and chance to score critical damage. You mastery can increase
after a certain number of successful hits, and each % is harder to get. Each race also has a certain
maximum mastery in each type of item that can be achieved as well as a certain starting bonus.
Starting bonus can be negative, as for example Giants are very bad at magic.

Double Hit Mastery

There is a special mastery called “doublehit”. It allows you to attack or cast two times a round with
each weapon or spell. Every race starts with 1% of doublehit chance, and it increases very slowly.
You can’t increase it in the temple, but you don’t lose it in reincarnation.

Your chance to hit twice is exactly your % in this mastery, meaning that 50% will make you attack twice 50% of the battles.
The Royal Academy, is located at 14, 21 in outworld. It offers the ability to evaluate your masteries
for 100 gold per level.



When you meet certain level and gold requirements, you can change to a profession at 2, 1 Royal University. Each profession carries different stat and mastery bonuses. Stats will start at 75% of the profession’s minimum level.

A full list of professions can be found using the in-game command /professions or /prof for short. These are always up-to-date, and display the mastery and stats also.

Below is a list of possible professions, not including mastery/stats of each:

Pocket Thief400+20% Purse Drops
Mine Worker400+20% Clan Mine Drops
Bakers Wife550+15% Shadow Drops
Prospector800+15% Gem Drops
Mage Spirit8001.5x Class Type Bonus (Casters)
Warrior Spirit8001.5x Class Type Bonus (Fighters)
Banker1000+15% Gold
Adventurer1200-1h Quest Timer
Land Owner1200+25% Resource Drops
Dark Lord1200None
Necromancer1,600+20% Gem Drops
Wind Waker1,600+20% Purse Drops
Paladin1,600+20% Shadow Drops
Gladiator1,600+20% Clan Mine Drops
Armor Master1,600+50% Mastery Chance
Shadow Demon1,600+25% Shadow Drops
Wet Bandit2,000+20% Purse Drops; 50% Heavier Purses
Jeweler2,00010% Chance for +1 Min Grade Gem Drop
Shift Worker3,000+25% Gold
Looter4,000+15% Gem, Shadow, Purse Drops
Blacksmith4,250+1 Forge Bonus
Skywalker4,500-2h Quest Timer, 2x Conquest Drops
Bard4,750+25% Gem, Clan Mine Drops
Musician4,750+25% Shadows, Resource Drops
Peddler5,000+30% Random Drop Chance
Black Mage6,0002x Class Type Bonus (Caster)
Mercenary6,0002x Class Type Bonus (Fighter)
Accountant10,000+50% Gold
Berzerker15,000+25% Critical Chance & Damage
Ironworker15,000+2 Forge Bonus
Gemologist25,000+40% Gem Drops
Shadow Dealer25,000+40% Shadow Drops
Pawn Broker25,000+40% Purse Drops & Heavier Purses
Geologist25,000+40% Clan Mine Drops
Brute30,000-2h Quest Timer, +Special Monsters
Archaeologist40,000+50% Resource Drops, 2.5x Conquest Drop Chance
White Mage50,0003x Class Type Bonus (Casters)
Assassin50,0003x Class Type Bonus (Fighter)
Superhero60,000+30% Gem, Shadow, Purse Drops
Gambler100,000+50% Random Drop Chance
Jewelsmith100,0002.5% chance for Max Gem Grade Drops
Master Blacksmith100,000+3 Forge Bonus
Chamberlain100,000+75% Gold
Arch Mage100,0004x Class Type Bonus (Casters)
Saboteur100,0004x Class Type Bonus (Fighters)
Farmer100,000+50% Resource Drop Chance; 1.5x Resources
Crafter100,000+35% Zir Chance

Explanation of the various bonuses applied when you’re a profession:

  • +x% Gem Drops: Increased chance at receiving a gem upon a kill
  • +x% Shadow Drops: Increased chance at receiving a shadow upon a kill
  • Purse Drops: Increased chance at receiving a purse of gold upon a kill (amount varies based on your level)
  • +x% Clan Mine Drops: Increased chance at receiving a clan mine gem upon a kill (must be in a clan with 5%+ clan tax active)
  • Heavier Purses: Receive extra gold from a purse drop
  • +x% Class Type Bonus: Multiplies a Fighter or Casters class bonus by a certain amount. See /class in-game [LINK THIS]. Does not apply to Bow/Vampire Classes.
  • +x% Gold: Increased gold upon a kill
  • -xh Quest Timer: After completing a quest, your timer to do a new quest is shortened
  • +x% Resource Drops: Increased chance at receiving a resource upon a kill
  • +x% Mastery Chance: Increased chance at receiving a mastery upon attacking an enemy
  • x% Chance for +1 Min Grade Gem Drops: Provides a chance to receiving +1 grade higher than what you would have drops (IE – drf** becomes drf***). Cannot exceed zone maximum gem.
  • +x Forge Bonus: Increased chance at successfully creating a higher tier gem
  • x Conquest Drop Rate: Increased chance at receiving a conquest item upon a kill (must have an active conquest)
  • +x% Critical Chance & Damage: Increases Fighter critical damage and chance
  • +Special Monsters: Increases chance to find a special monster that provides various benefits. See the specials page [LINK THIS] or /specials in-game.
  • +x% Random Drop Chance: Increased chance at receiving a gem, shadow, purse, or clan mine upon a kill. Bonus is applied at random each kill.
  • x% Chance for Max Gem Grade Drop: Provides a chance to receive a zones maximum gem tier (IE – if a zone can drop grades 1-9, you can drop a grade 9 if this triggers)
  • x Resources: Increases the amount of resources obtained upon a kill (if you get a resoruce drop)
  • +x% Zir Chance: Increases the chance to obtain an accessory upgrade upon a kill (must have rolled a shadow on kill and meet the 15k+ and 50k+ requirements to receiving zir upgrades)

Stat Basics

There are five basic stats:

  • STR: – Strength, the measure of how much damage you can deal.
  • DEX: – Dexterity, your chance to hit enemies and to dodge blows
  • NTL: – Intelligence, the amount of your magical power, affects the damage done with spells.
  • WIS: – Wisdom, affects your chance to cast a spell successfully and to disturb enemy spell casting
  • VIT: – Vitality, determines your maximum health points.

Character Basics

Character Basics

Your character in this game is defined by the following attributes:

  1. Name (possibly also a lastname, set with a /command)
  2. Race (everyone starts with a race after character creation, change at Royal University)
  3. Profession (if any, selected at Royal University)
  4. Stats (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Vitality and Health) – click the Stats Tab
  5. Gold (on hand and banked)
  6. Level (you start at level 1)
  7. Alignment (0 is neutral, negative means Evil, positive means Good
  8. Clan assignment (if any)
  9. Items (possibly gemmed) – click the Inventory Tab
  10. Masteries – check them at Royal University

Starter Races

Starter Races

Stats is the base stat your character will add to each level, with the selected stat boosted. They are Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Vitality. Each race comes with varying stats and masteries – which weapon or spell you use is highly determined by your proficiency in masteries.

Below are the basic starter classes when creating a character, but there are many more to evolve into, found in-game by using the command /races.

You can reincarnate to a new race at 2,1 Royal University if you meet the level and gold requirements.


Humans are average at everything. They start with some fundamental knowledge in all skills and can master every skill to a high level; however, they won’t be the best in any profession.

Starting items: Dagger, Fire Spell
Best Mastery: Any


These dastardly little creatures excel at fire magic, so watch out, or they’ll scorch you!

Starting items: Shield, Fire Spell
Best Mastery: Fire


Dwarves live in the mountains, often underground. They are very tough and are hard to kill. Dwarven skill with mining and metals is well known, and they have advanced knowledge of axes, being capable of mastering this weapon to the highest limit. Dwarves aren’t good at magic; however, their knowledge of heat gives them some resistance to fire.

Starting Items: Axe, Heal Spell
Best Mastery: Axe


A vampire in the making, excelling at drain spells and others, but lacking in weapon skills. These are highly intelligent creatures, but they do not like garlic or sunlight!

Starting Items: Drain Spell, Drain Spell
Best Mastery: Drain

Half Elf

Unlike a pureblood Elf, they are not as adept at the bow but have a better balance of stats and masteries.

Starting Items: Bow, Arrow
Best Mastery: Bow


With the opening of the Demon Gate, people started gathering up there in huge numbers trying to vanquish these creatures of evil. One of the more intelligent demon races decided to start a permanent settlement in the Outworld. Gargoyles are both powerful mages, preferring the power of cold and air, and decent swordsmen.

Starting Items: Shield, Cold Spell
Best Mastery: Cold


Believed to be the messenger of the Gods, there has recently been a sighting of Angels starting a settlement in Shimlar. While this is rumored to be a sign of some great battle approaching, the Angels are usually peaceful. Angels have intelligence beyond human understanding, and their celestial bodies can withstand some massive damage. While angels know all the skills by a fair amount, they won’t master any weapon beyond mediocrity, as they dislike close combat. They can master air magic to any extent.

Starting Items: Shield, Heal Spell
Best Mastery: Air


Goblins are small and quick. While having low life, they can be both good swordsmen and sorcerers. Goblins are shunned by most races, as they are very greedy and not trustworthy. They don’t have great strength, so mace type weapons and heavy armor aren’t very efficient for them.

Starting Items: Shield, Fire Spell
Best Mastery: Fire


Trolls are a tribal race. They have a very high regeneration rate, which enables them to have the most vitality amongst the races of Shimlar. Trolls have great strength, too. Trolls are afraid of fire but can master some air-based magic. They can use all weapons efficiently, but don’t like axes much.

Starting Items: Mace, Heal Spell, Armor
Best Mastery: Axe/Sword/Mace


Elves excel at being dexterious and the best at using a bow. Unlike their half-elf counterpart, they are very fragile

Starting Items: Bow, Arrow
Best Mastery: Bow

Dark Elf

A tribe of elves that worships the Dark Gods. The Dark Elves were forced to live in the north, and that increased their strength. Being mad about power, they lost some of the elven wisdom, however still being more intelligent than a human. Dark elves are masters of the blades, being very quick and intelligent.

Starting Items: Sword, Fire Spell
Best Mastery: Sword


Giants are enormous humanoids, living in the forests or plains. Their strength is outmatched, while their wits leave to be desired. Giants have minimal magical talents, and they can only master mace type weapons to a high level.

Starting Items: Mace, Heal Spell
Best Mastery: Mace