Bonus Hour

This page is to give players an understanding on Bonus Time / Bonus Hour.

What Is Bonus Time?

Bonus Time (BT) is a feature within the game that benefits all of the players.

Bonus Tokens are used to increase in-game bonuses that range from 300% to 1200%. They last up to every hour (not for 1 hour) meaning if you redeem a token at 9:31am, the token will only last for 29 more minutes.

Bonuses include:

  • Experience Earned
  • Gold Earned
  • Gem Drop Chances
  • Shadow Item Drop Chances
  • Mastery Chances
  • Conquest And Purse Drop Chances
  • Resource Drop Chances

How Do I Buy Bonus Tokens?

Bonus Tokens can be purchased through the online store here: Shimlar Store

Here you can choose which set of tokens you would like to purchase and once the payment has gone through, an Admin will send you the tokens manually.

Redeeming Tokens In The Game

The tokens will be stored in your inventory where you can then redeem them at the following locations:

  • 1,7 The Wilderness: 300% Bonus
  • 1,6 The Wilderness: 600% Bonus
  • 1,5 The Wilderness: 900% Bonus
  • 1,4 The Wilderness: 1200% Bonus
  • 1,3 The Wilderness: 1500% Bonus

Important Information: Do Not Skip This Section

Bonus Tokens can be overwritten by other players within the game.

If a you decide to redeem a token worth 900% bonus and another player redeems a 300% token after you, your 900% will be cancelled out. You and everyone else in the game will lose out on 600% worth of bonuses for the remaining hour. Keep in mind, they do not stack.

Luckily the admin team are forgiving rulers and may grant the realms of Shimlar the higher bonus once it’s been brought to their attention.

How To Avoid Ruining BT

Before redeeming a token, make sure you check the current state of bonuses available.

The information is written clearly on the login screen or you can type in /bonus into the chat bar. This will then display all of the current bonuses.

When viewing the pop-up screen after typing in /bonus – you may see the bonuses are 100% less than what you would expect.

This is due to the way the system works out the bonuses. If you have a 300% token, please do not redeem it if the bonuses are at 200%. They are technically 300% and that’s all you need to keep in mind because you will have wasted a token.

How Will Other Players Benefit From This?

You might be aware that other players will be benefiting from your Bonus Token.

The beauty of bonus tokens / bonus hour is that when you redeem a token, everyone receives the same benefit.

You are not only supporting the games hosting, management and outgoings but you are also helping the community throughout the game.

You’ve supported the game and helped others… You are very wholesome ūüôā


Bonus Events

Obtained as a bonus reward from donating, or very rarely initiated by a higher power (mod or arch).

Creature Hunts

Occasionally, a legendary creature will attack some zone. Players in that zone can all fight the creature, which has usually millions of HP, but low stats so can be hit by almost anyone. Damage done to the creature is divided by your level, and you deal at least 5000 damage to it if you hit. The one to kill this beast will receive a gem of a random grade, and everyone who was attacking it (and no other monsters) and is in the zone at the moment of the kill will receive a set amount of gold (100k). Hunts are generally triggered during holiday events, when someone donates toward the donate bonus or if an admin is feeling generous.


From time to time perpetrators will raid the estates and drop loot in a specific zone. To take part in this event you need to go to the zone that is listed in the event notification and simply click on the search button. Hitting the search button will check the square for loot, you can then move to the next square and search. The event will finish once all items have been found, so be as fast as you can!

Any items found during this event are handed in at 1,8 in the wilderness (Except for ‚ÄėCookie‚Äô which is given to Joe in the North Pole)



A Hunt Creature is summoned by giving the HuntMaster, located at 10, 7 in The Wilderness, one of your hunt tokens.

Hunt Tokens are obtained as a reward from donations.
Your Tokens are saved in your list of Resources, so they do not take up inventory space.

After turning in (one of) your Token(s), the following confirmation shows in chat:

{YOUR_NAME} completed the Token Master Conquest!

After which a creature spawns in one of the starter zones at random.
The zone is specified in chat, shortly after the first confirmation, as following:

Fearless Adventurer (Supreme Overlord) says: The people of {STARTER_ZONE} need your help! {YOUR_NAME} Creation has escaped! Kill it and be rewarded greatly!

To defeat the creature, travel to the specified zone where it can be selected from the drop-down list.

Everybody that contributed in the fight against the spawned creature, is rewarded with 100,000 gold.
The person that delivers the killing blow, is additionally rewarded with a random grade Gem.

Temporary season- or holiday type hunts, may need to be started in their own section.



To check your conquest status, simply type /conquests in-game. This will also reveal your current progress status, needed items etc..

Conquests can be found all over the realm and can take hours of clicking to complete.
These however are some of the best ways to get hard to find items and in some cases an item that you can ONLY get via the conquests.

Some of the conquests are zone specific, as noted below:

1 Wise Elder 300 17 21 The Wilderness drf*** / def*** / ft*** / r*** / tour***
4 Retired Knight 100 3 4 Talorn ZONE: 100 rusty parts 750,000 gold
7 Old Lady 100 4 4 Talorn ANYWHERE, RESOURCES: 9999 clay, sand, stone, lumber accessory: Wolf Eye Amulet
5 Mysterious Mage 150 3 3 Essence of Malice ZONE: 300 demon tears accessory: Gandalf’s Hat
6 Kinky Hunter 150 6 6 Fluffy Forest ZONE: 200 woff pelts lumber, clay, stone, sand
11 Dwarven 250 1 1 Dwarven Workshop ANYWHERE: lumber, sand, rudder, gear choose a *** gem
2 Bone Collector 350 1 1 The Shadowmist ANYWHERE: Arm bone, leg bone, rib cage, skull all masteries +5
3 Pirate Captain 450 0 0 Stormy Ocean Depths ANYWHERE: 12 map pieces, 12 crate of rum access to open water zone, accessory Gauntlets of Midas
18 Royal Fleet Admiral 450 8 8 Open Water ANYWHERE, CERATAIN MONSTERS, SPECIALS: Badge drops from certain monster in list and provided spec select resources, increasing amounts while progressing in steps
9 Arch Mage 1000 1 0 The Badlands ANYWHERE: 5 sapphire shards, 2000 fusion pieces accessory: Sapphire Paragon
10 Noble Guard 1000 1 3 The Badlands ANYWHERE: 5 amethyst shards, 2000 fusion pieces accessory: Amethyst Paragon
8 Asylum Nurse 1200 3 3 Blackmoor Asylum ANYWHERE: 12 screws accessory: Circlet of The Savant
12 Strong Carpenter 1400 9 13 Unknown Dungeon ZONE: 2500 stone, 2500 clay, 30 roof parts, 40 windows 20k strength / 10k vitality
13 Intelligent Carpenter 1400 5 1 Unknown Dungeon ZONE: 2500 stone, 2500 clay, 30 roof parts, 40 windows 20,000 Intelligence / 10,000 Vitality
17 Master of all Skills 2000 3 4 Mount Toshax ZONE, CERATAIN MONSTERS: drops from certain Mount Toshax monsters 10 mastery points per conquest step
15 Raven 2500 6 0 The Graveyard ZONE: 10,000 marbles, 1,000 jewels 50,000 Int / 50,000 Dex
16 Treebeard 2500 1 1 Naturia Forest ZONE: 10,000 lumber, 1,000 water 50,000 Vit / 50,000 Wis
14 Grizzly 2600 0 4 Pelagon Spire ZONE: 10,000 stone, 1,000 picnic baskets 50,000 Str / 50,000 Vit
30 Relic Hunter 7000 1 2 Pyramid Level 1 10,000 FPs, 500 Relics 100,000 selectable stats
31 Relic Hunter 8000 4 0 Pyramid Level 2 10,000 FPs, 500 Burial objects 100,000 selectable stats
32 Relic Hunter 9000 0 0 Pyramid Level 3 10,000 FPs, 500 Tomb nails 100,000 selectable stats
33 Relic Hunter 10000 0 0 Pyramid Level 4 10,000 FPs, 500 Hieroglyphic symbols 100,000 selectable stats
34 Relic Hunter 11000 1 1 Pyramid Level 5 10,000 FPs, 500 Golden plates 100,000 selectable stats
35 Veteran Bone Collector 14444 1 5 Hall of Veterans Bone Collector items are collected in-zone. Follow the clues! A nice ^9 gem
36 Angel Bone Collector 19999 1 5 Hall of Angels Bone Collector items are collected in-zone. Follow the clues! A very nice ^9 gem
42 Gem hunter 23000 1 6 Elysium Clue, certain gem +20% in a random stat
38 Necromancer 30000 6 6 The Sphinx ZONE: 50 Gold Bars, 2000 Gold (resource from some zones) Prophecy Sphere
41 Headhunter2 (master of all skills II) 33333 3 3 The Restaurant at the end of Shimlar Something Masteries each step
37 Wise Ruler 50000 8 2 Fires of Hell ZONE: Dwarven Silver, Silver (resource from some zones) King’s Crown
39 Djinn 80000 8 1 Old Lore ZONE: 50 Elven Perchmeents, 2000 Silver (resource from some zones) Ali’s Carpet

Some conquests are Event-Specific, meaning they can only be done during certain events.
A good example is the Halloween conquest: Halloween Gem:

Joe, The Beggar can be found at 5,4 in the Pumpkin Palace. Speak with him and you will need to give him marbles.
The amount of marbles needed depends on your current lvl.

You will then receive A necklace. Bring the necklace to Hazue he can be found at 10,10 demon gate. He will give you candies.
Bring the candies to The Flower Girl (she can be found at 0,4 Temple of Shadows). She will then give you a flower.
Bring the flower to Naima she can be found at 5,1 Enchanted forest. She will give you a spoon.
Take the spoon to Adam (he can be found at 4,2 Bladeforge). He will give you a pumpkin.
Bring the pumpkin to Baramos (8,22 Wilderness), he will give you a cookie.
Bring the cookie back to Joe the beggar at 5,4 The Pumpkin Palace and you will receive your reward:

  • Grade 2 gem for below lvl 250
  • Grade 2 or 3 gem for before 500
  • Grade 3 or 4 gem for below 1500
  • Grade 4 or 5 gem for above 1500

(all at 50%/50% chance)

Sometimes you will have extra conquest items after you turned in your conquest. These are sell-able to any shop to free up the slot in your inventory.


NOTE Completed STAT conquests, and any that are in progress, will be reset when you reincarnate or change professions.
Furthermore, any resource that has been spent on STAT conquests will not be returned once they have been reset.

Mastery conquests cannot be repeated after reincarnation or a profession change.
If your current masteries exceed your new cap then you will lose your excess masteries. Plan your mastery conquests carefully!

Questmaster Hut

The QuestMaster Hut

Is where you pickup and complete quests. He can be found at 20,21 in The Wilderness and offers quests every hour on the hour.
The QuestMaster will instruct you to kill a certain Special monster in a particular zone.
If you are the first to find the special monster and defeat it, then return to the hut to receive your reward.

You can only sign up for one quest at a time, and you can only get the reward for a quest you have signed up to.

In case you completed a quest, it is important that you collect your reward before the time runs out on the quest.
Many players can sign up for the same quest, and only the first one to complete it gets the reward.

Quests are level restricted and you will only be able to view quests appropriate for your level range

The QuestMaster will never tell you which Special monster you have to defeat.
You can, however, keep track of which specials you have already killed, by using the in-game Quest tab on the left menu.

Please note this tab will not update if someone else completes the quest you‚Äôre on ‚Äď keep an eye on chat!

Without a special clan bonus you can only complete one quest every once in a while. The time is based on your current level, as following:

  • 0 ‚Äď 299: 3h
  • 300 ‚Äď 599: 4h
  • 600 ‚Äď 999: 5h
  • 1000 -1599: 6h
  • 1600, 2499: 7h
  • 2500 -99999: 8h

You may -of course- bribe the QuestMaster, to reduce the time before you can take another quest.
Each Malachite you hand to the QuestMaster, will reduce the cooldown by:

  • Grade 1, 2, 3: 1 hour
  • Grade 4: 2 hours
  • Grade 5+: 3 hours

The minimum grade that must be used, depends on your level:

  • Level 1000+: grade 3+
  • Level 2000+: grade 4+
  • Level 6000+: grade 5+
  • Level 10000+: grade 6+

Using the in-game command: /quest will show you how many quests you have completed and when you are eligible to start another.

Bonus Raids


Players donate for raids via the ‚ÄúSupport the Game‚ÄĚ Link, below chat.

A raid is similar to a hunt, however it is set in a specific zone (typically Perpetrators Bay) with spots scattered all over that zone to ‚Äúsearch‚ÄĚ for random rewards of items or gems.

Sometimes even an accessory item is gained!

Some of these items are unique to raids and they give specific rewards at the NPC located in the wilderness (1,8)

  • Elvish Parchment ‚Äst Between 5 to 10 free levels
  • Kings Legacy ‚Äď A handshake, 1% increase or decrease of your banked gold, 3000 or 5000 Fusion Points,¬†Random amounts of resources (Gold, Silver, Sand, Stone, Lumber, Marble, Clay)

Certain items here are also conquest items and can be retained for that purpose!

Quick Guide For Raids (EXAMPLE)

Step 1

Donate towards a raid

Step 2

Wait for an Official Announcement in chat that typically says something along the lines of “Raiders have been spotted in [area]”

Step 3

Head to the area mentioned in the announcement

Step 4

Click the “Search” button and wait for one of two messages “No Luck Here” or “You’ve Found [item]”. If you see a message saying “No Luck Here” head to another tile.

Step 5

Rinse and repeat until official announcement saying “$Player has discovered the last item”

Step 6

Head over to 1,9 Wilderness and give them to the NPC