Shadow Items

Shadow Items

By chance after killing a creature, you may see You find a Shadow Item! That means the equipment that you are wearing at that exact moment ‘dropped’ a shadow item. A shadow item resembles normal equipment but has much lower requirements to equip. The shadow item is ended with a Roman numeral, which represents its power, so to say. A Shadow Item I would be equivalent to an item class 0 of that equipment type. For example, a Phantom Sword I would be equivalent to a Dagger (item class 0 Sword).

The Roman Numeral of the shadow item dropped depends on what equipment you had on at the time. For normal equipment between Item Class, 1 – 31, the highest possible Roman Numeral you would drop would be the lowest integer (whole number) of the following: Roman Numeral = (Item Class + 4)/5. As well, for regular equipment (Non-Shadow and Non-Mystic), the type of drop varies. Any type of equipment can drop any other type of equipment, i.e. weapon can drop armor or a spell.

For example, if you had an item class 20 mace on, you have the chance to drop a Phantom Hammer IV, Phantom Sword IV, Ghost Shield IV, Ghost Armor IV, Shadow Fire IV, etc. Item Class 0 equipment will drop a Shadow Item I.
A Shadow item can drop another shadow item. However, the roman numeral is not always the same. The roman numeral for a dropped shadow item from a shadow item will be either equal to, or less than, the roman numeral of the equipped shadow item. The type of shadow item can be variable. A weapon will always drop a weapon, a damaging spell will drop a damaging spell, armor will drop armor, and a shield or heal spell will drop a shield or heal spell.

If you have no equipment equipped in a slot, it will have a chance to drop a Shadow Item I.

A dropped shadow item has two gem slots no matter the roman numeral. Thus, those who are under level 100 will be able to use shadow items between the roman numerals of I-III (Item class, 0,5,10) and have two gem slots, if they suit the respective stat requirement.

Shadow Items can be smashed at the Equipment Shop for gold or sold in Sales Chat for a better profit. The shop does not take into account what gems may be enchanted into the items.

Enchanting Items

You can enchant gems into equipment such as armour, swords, maces etc at any Arcanium.

The cost to enchant items is free but be careful when enchanting because you might not be a high enough level to get the benefits from the gems you put in the item.

Make sure to double check what benefit you will receive by typing /gems into the chat bar.

In this example, the character is level 100 and will only get the benefit of up to Grade 3 Gems.

This means by enchanting a grade 4 gem into the item, the character will only get 20% until it reaches a higher level.

Disenchanting Items

Once you’re level 80+ you then have access to Temple Of Shadows.

Head over to 2,3 on the map and you will be able to disenchant items.

Disenchanting is never guaranteed and you may lose all of your gems or you might save them where they end up back in your inventory.

The cost to disenchant is 100,000 gold regardless of the IC/AC of the item or the grade of the gems.

Upgrading Shadow Items

Dropped shadow items can be upgraded to:

  • Mythic (variations are: Mythic for damaging spells, Mystic for Weapons, Armor and Heals, Spiked for shields) Upgrade at 2,1 Temple of Shadows
  • Ancestral (variations are: Ancestral for Weapons and Armor, Primal for Spells) Upgrade at 0,0 Fallen Temple
  • Godly (variations are: Godly for Weapons and Armor, Divine for Spells) Upgrade at 8,7 Temple of Ultimate Wisdom

Upgrading Shadow items to Mythic costs only Gold, but upgrading beyond that requires increasing amounts of Fusion Points, as well.
Along with those costs, the level and stats requirements are also increased. Especially when upgrading to Godly/Divine, the jump can be quite significant.

Make sure you double check the level requirements by using the in-game command: /myth

Equipment Basics

To better your character, your character may buy equipment from the local shops. Weaponry, armour, and shields are located in the Equipment Shop, denoted on the minimap by an ‘S’, and spells at the Magic Shop is denoted by an ‘M’ on the minimap.

There are five different types of weapons you can choose from- Sword, Axe, Mace, Staves, Bows- and 5 different types of spells you can choose – Fire, Cold, Air, Arcane (heal), and Drain. Armour and Shields are also available.

If you fight with only one weapon and/or spell, then you get a bonus. With one weapon and no shield, you will do 3 times more damage, but your chance to hit lowers slightly. With one spell, you will cast 3 times better than your normal amount, but your chance to hit lowers slightly, as well.

Shields are able to increase your armour class if they are a high enough item class. Every item class for Shields will yield +0.1 to your Armour Class. This bonus, added to your armour mastery, would be rounded DOWN to the nearest whole number.

Buying Equipment

To buy your equipment, you must have your gold on hand.

Each piece of equipment has stat and level requirements to equip them.

  • Weapons require (Item Class) x 200 Strength. ie… Falchion (Item Class 6) requires 6 x 200=1200 strength.
  • Attacking spells require (Item Class) x 200 intelligence
  • Heal/Arcane requires (Item Class) x 130 intelligence
  • Armour requires (Item Class) x 150 Vitality
  • Shields requires (Item Class) x 120 Strength

At item class 11, all equipment is imposed with a level requirement. The level requirement raises by 20 for each Item Class, ie, an item class 15 requires level 100. A formula you may use is (Item Class-10) x 20 = Level Requirement. All normal items below item class 11 have no level requirement.

Item Class 15 equipment and higher have two gem slots, thus making them more useful than the item classes below them, which only have one gem slot available. All normal equipment may be smashed at the shops for half of its original value. Neflarians can sell them in sales for a better deal. Shops do not take into account any gems that are enchanted into your equipment.

In the drop-down selector, you can view the equipment you have. You can also see the grades of the gems enchanted into the items.


Accessory List

Apart from your regular items, it is also possible to equip accessories.
You can switch them around to match various needs.

They will grant your character a specific improvement, for as long as the accessory is equipped!

Many can be purchased from the shop in Essence of Malice, but the best accessories are rewarded from completing Conquests.

The list:

Item Name (cost) Equipped Effect
Copper Ring (25,000,000) +2k STR for duration of battle
Iron Ring (25,000,000) +2k NTL for duration of battle
Blue Ring (25,000,000) +2k WIS for duration of battle
Yellow Ring (25,000,000) +2k DEX for duration of battle
Goblin Ring (25,000,000) +2k VIT for duration of battle
Wedding Ring (50,000,000) Shows your partner in your ID
Band Of Defence (50,000,000) +20% chance to dodge melee attacks
Amulet Of Flames (50,000,000) +50% chance to tumble fire spells
Amulet Of Ice (50,000,000) +50% chance to tumble cold spells
Amulet Of Lightning (50,000,000) +50% chance to tumble air spells
Pendant Of Durability (100,000,000) 3k VIT & Health for duration of battle
Orb Of Curing (100,000,000) 2x change to cast heal spells
Orb Of Channeling (100,000,000) 1.5x chance to hit with spells
Orb Of Power (100,000,000) +6k NTL for duration of battle
Gloves Of Skill (100,000,000) +10% to all mastery limits
Gloves Of Haste (100,000,000) 1.5x chance to hit with weapons
Gauntlets Of Might (100,000,000) +6k str for duration of battle
Helmet Of Invisibility (250,000,000) You can not be located
Crystal Of Relocation (250,000,000) Teleporting/Locating costs 0 gold
Orb Of Learning (250,000,000) +20% EXP from monsters
Chalice Of Luck (500,000,000) Doubles chance of drops
Golden Orb Of Enlightenment (500,000,000) Show players in a 3×3 search around you. (use /g_orb)
Eternal Ring (500,000,000) 10% gold loss on death instead of 100%
Band Of The Chosen (500,000,000) 5% EXP loss on death instead of 20%
Huggle (10,000,000) A sign of affection 🙂
Gandalf Hat (Conquest) +50% Experience
Wolf Eye Amulet (Conquest) +200% Mastery Chance
Gauntlets of Midas (Conquest) +50% Gold
Amethyst Paragon (Conquest) +10% Strength, +100% Hit Chance
Sapphire Paragon (Conquest) +10% Intelligence, +100% Spell Chance
Circlet of the Savant (Conquest) +100% Special Monsters Encounters
Prophecy Sphere (Conquest) +200% Gold, Hit Chance on Weapon 2 and Spell 2
King’s Crown (Conquest) +100 Experience, +25 IC on Weapon 2 and Spell 2
Ali’s Carpet (Conquest) +150% Drop Chance, +50 AC*

*to be validated shortly

Gemming Accessories

When a character reaches certain levels the Gods feel pity for the challenges ahead and will grant the player the ability to gem their accessories.  However, they do not grant this ability easily!

First slot can be started at Level 15,000
Second slot can be started at Level 50,000

Players will randomly receive the message “The Gods have granted a slot in your accessory!” upon defeating an enemy.

A dummy/placement gem will appear in the equipped accessory (zir1).

Over time, players will randomly receive the message “The Gods have upgraded a slot in your accessory!” upon defeating an enemy. This will grow the (zir1) to (zir2)… and so on.

When the dummy gem is sufficient size (^9 is recommended) then head to Temple of Xi in Temple of Shadows. You may enchant the gem of your choice in exchange for marble.

THIS IMAGE Will help you with the rates.

Important Notes

You cannot disenchant accessories. Enchant carefully!

A player of any level may use and benefit from a gemmed accessory, however a low grade zir will not continue to grow unless player is over level requirements.

The zir can be exchanged with a gem of same grade or lower. Be careful, admin may chuckle at your accidental Gandalf Hat (ft*).

The zir growth is a special type of shadow drop, so anything that boosts shadow drops will boost your zir chance.



Emblems can be purchased in Bladeforge zone for a price ranging between 5m and 20m. You can only have one equipped at a time. Most emblems are named according to special monsters and the player using such an emblem will have his name displayed in chat in the typical monster colour. Your emblem is shown in your inventory but can not be equipped or unequipped like a regular item.


The priests of the Elven Temple know how to enchant lores onto emblems. You can meet them in Enchanted Forest. Most enchantments have effects in battle – positive and negative effects. Some enchantments make teleporting and other actions cheaper. When you change your emblem, the current enchantment will be lost.

For a complete list of all emblems and enchantments please use /emblems in game.

Those with a God Profession do not endure negative effects of emblems.