Murphys Law

Murphy’s Law in Shimlar

Thanks to Mech Dragon

Law: Drops

  • You will never find a good gem/shadow drop except when you don’t need it.
  • Shortly after buying a gem you will find an exact duplicate from a gem drop.

Law: Quests

  • If you really need to do a quest, someone else will complete it within 3 seconds of them appearing.
  • Shortly after going to the Questmaster’s Hut and the quests appearing you will find out that you can’t do quests again yet.
  • Finding a special is a sure sign that someone else found it a split second before you.
  • If you find the winning special then someone will PK you.
  • When logging onto shim you will find out that you logged on a few minutes too late for quests.

Law: Fanatics

  • If you become tired, the next monster will be a fanatic.
  • If you stop concentrating at the upper half of the screen, the next monster will be a fanatic.
  • If you are in a zone with a purple background, you will somehow mistake the word fanatic for the background.
  • If you encounter a fanatic right before leveling and attack it, it will double-critical and kill you.
  • (if you are questing and you need an assassin, you are sure to skip it the first time)

Law: PKing

  • You ARE about to attack a twink and die. Give up.
  • If the target is somehow not a twink, you will get double/triple/quadruple-criticalled and killed.

Law: Fancy Confirmation “Are You Sure?” Popups

  • Despite the warning, you will buy the wrong item.
  • Despite the warning, you will sell the wrong item.
  • Despite the warning, you will trade the wrong item.
  • Despite the warning, you will enchant the wrong item.
  • Despite the warning, you will disenchant the wrong item.
  • If you do buy/sell/trade/enchant/disenchant the right item, you will shortly find out that it was a bad idea anyway.


Rule 1 – Offensive Language

Swearing is permitted within reason, but you must not use any language which is deemed offensive or obscene.

Rule 2 – Item Scamming

You must not scam or deceive other players.

Rule 3 – Password Scamming

Asking for another players password for any reason will not be tolerated.

Rule 4 – Cheating/Bug Abuse

Any bugs found within the game must be reported to Shimlar Staff immediately.

Rule 5 – Shimlar Staff Impersonation

You should not attempt to impersonate any of Shimlar staff in any way.

Rule 6 – Account Sharing/Trading

Please see: THIS POST

Rule 7 – Macroing

You must not use other programs to gain an unfair advantage at the game*

*Every in game action must have a corresponding manual action. I.e. each click must be either a tap or click. Any action that can perform multiple in game actions at once is an offence.

Rule 8 – Multiple Logging-In

If you create more than one account you are permitted to be logged on to more than one at a time, as long as you are able to see chat to respond to macro checks.

Rule 9 – Encouraging Others to Break Rules

You must not encourage others to break any of the Shimlar rules.

Rule 10 – False Representations

This service must be used appropriately and treated with respect at all times.

Rule 11 – Advertising/Website

 You are not allowed to advertise in the Shimlar game or forums.

Rule 12 – Real World Item Trading

Items / gold must only be traded for services in game. (PRIOR PERMISSION CAN BE GIVEN BY AN ADMIN FOR THIS TO HAPPEN

Rule 13 – Asking for Personal Details

To protect players' safety and privacy, you must not ask for personal details.

Rule 14 – Misuse of Official Forums

Forums must be used respectfully at all times.

Rule 15 – Advert Blocking

Please do not block the Adverts, these help in paying for the servers.

Rule 16 – Enforcement

Staff members enforce the rules, not players.

Rule 17 – Racism

Racism, in any form, will not be tolerated.

Rule 18 – SPAM

No one likes spam, not even in a sandwich, If you spam chat you may receive a warning. If you continue you will be issued with a punishment deemed fit by said staff member.

Rule 19 – Pictures

NO inappropriate sharing of pictures will be tolerated!

Rule 20 – Game Bashing

This will not be tolerated. Be it Shimlar or another game.

Rule 21 – Names

No use of inappropriate names - This includes drugs, swearwords and insults. (Player names, last names, clan names, clan descriptions ect). NO ALL CAPS Char names

Rule 22 – Cheating

All actions in the game must be completed using your mouse (Computer) or Touch Screen (Mobile/Tablet devices).

Rule 23 – Cheating 2.0

You are forbidden to use any automation software, speed clickers, or scripts to avoid barriers in the game.

Rule 24 – English

All open world messages must be in English only.

Rule 25 – No Drugs

HARD Drug talk is strictly prohibited. Examples being: Heroin, Crack, Cocaine, LSD, Meth, Etc. You can talk about the green stuff all you like.

Rule 26 – PK

If you are in a PK Zone you are going to die, it’s your choice to be within that zone – However if you’re an attacking player killing another player over and over and over it’s deemed to be “Chain Killing” This is at the crews discretion (admin/mod/arch) as to what punishment is necessary – admins can increase your PK Timer, mods and arches can request for this to be increased or even mute you!

Rule 27 – Saywhatnow?

Any issues in game should be reported to a moderator, and they will take appropriate action.
If the situation requires further assistance or judgement, a moderator will seek the assistance of an arch moderator.

Just like the moderators, if the arch moderator requires help, assistance or judgement they will seek the assistance of an admin.

Punishments will be handed down by the staff member online at the time.
In exceptional circumstances punishments can be overruled and increased or decreased by an admins or an arch.

Clans, unless extreme (defined by admin) are not moderated.

Reborns found to be trading between characters be that a mule or clan member is prohibited – A more permanent solution is being put into place to enforce this – Remember the DB Logs all trades – Loopholes are present and if found – Feel free to use them**

**If the administration bear witness to said loophole being used appropriate action will be taken to rectify said loophole.

Punishments vary, based on offense.

Any breach in any of the above rules will be taken VERY Seriously and action will be appropriate to said offence 

Chat Commands

Chat Commands

These are all the /commands that you can use in-game.

———- General commands ———-

/e $text = Custom emote message in italics.

/r $text = Talk in race chat.

/dm $player: $text = Private message another player with the message replayed to you.

/id $name = id another player that shows their level, race, clan, and when they were last active.

/m $player: $text = Private message another player without the message replayed to you.

/ignlvl $lvl = set ignore level so no one can message you that is below the given level.

/pignore $name = ignore a player for your current session.

/last $text = Sets your last name, viewable in your /id 

/last null = Removes your last name.

/g_orb = locate players nearby

/pvoice $name = stop ignoring the given player.

/norace = disables race chat from being seen.

/racechat = enables racechat again.

/wed $name = shows your intention to marry someone.

/yesido = confirms the marriage proposal.

/buddy = Shows your buddies colours designate status
  1. green - online
  2. yellow - likely online
  3. red - not online
/buddya $name = adds a person to your list ~~ buddy Add

/buddyc $name = confirms you want to be on someone's list ~~buddy Confirm

/buddyr $name = removes a person from your list ~~buddy Remove

/buddyq $name = remove yourself from $name's list ~~buddy Quit

/mbuddy $text = message to all your buddies

/pktag $text = adds/updates your pk tag must include :pk: that will be replaced by your opponent name

/pktag null = will remove current pk tag

/mods = Displays the current staff members online.

/listen = Displays what you're current listening to.

———- Emote Commands ———-

/hello = Sends an emote that lets players know you're logged in.

/bye = Sends an emote that lets players know you're logging off.

/like = Sends an emote that likes the previous comment. Has 4 variations.

/love = Sends an emote that loves the previous comment. Has 4 variations.

/frown = Sends an emote that frowns at the previous comment. Has 4 variations.

/laugh = Sends an emote that laughs at the previous comment. Has 20 variations.

/moan = Sends an emote that moans about the previous comment. Has 5 variations.

/cry = Sends an emote that cries about the previous comment. Has 5 variations.

/taunt = Sends an emote that taunts the previous comment. Has 7 variations.

/grats = Sends an emote that congradulates the previous comment. Has 6 variations.

/hug = Sends an emote that hugs the previous comment. Has 5 variations.

/wb = Sends an emote that welcomes back the previous comment. Has 4 variations.

/sigh = Sends an emote that sigh about the previous comment. Has 6 variations.

/cheer = Sends an emote that cheers the previous comment. Has 5 variations.

/face = Sends an emote that facepalms the previous comment. Has 5 variations.

Bonus: Dying to a Reaper special monster provides 50+ variations of death messages sent to general chat.

———- Game Commands ———-

/bonus = Shows the bonuses applied currently to kill each monster for a certain duration of time.

/quest = Shows how many quests you've completed and when you can sign up again.

/pk = indicates when you can duel again.

/kills = shows how many people you've killed in PvP.

/zone $name = Shows where the zone is located at.

/time = shows Shimlar server time in military time.

/achievements = Shows requirements to complete as well as the rewards for completing each one.

/gems = Shows information about each gem and each grade up to the maximum grade you can use at your current level. 
Fusion gems not included.

/fusion = Shows information about each gem and each grade up to the maximum grade you can use at your current level. 
Regular gems not included.

/specials = Displays information about each special monster encounter.

/races = Displays information about each playable race in the game.

/myth = Displays information about upgrading your shadow gear to mythic, Ancestral, and Godly.

/emblem = Displays information about all emblems and their effects.

/conquests = Displays information about side quests that you can complete.

/oas = Displays a list of announcements made by the Administrators.

/high = Displays a transparency view for players in the game.

/updates = Displays all updates to the game, started by Alpr

/zir = Displays the percentages of getting a zir drop onto an accessory.

/forge = Displays the bonuses you can receive from the gem forge.

/class = Displays the class type bonuses of every class in the game.

———- Clan commands ———-

/clandonate $amount = donates $amount from your bank to your clan's kingdom bank

/clan = shows some info about your clan

/members = Shows the online clan members

/leaders $text = Speak to your leaders

———- Clan leaders ———-

/mc $text = message to all clan members

/resign = makes second leader new clan leader, while you stay in the clan

———- Mods + Archwizards ———-

/w $text = modchat / wm $text = send pm to all mods

/d $text = description only in RP

/p $text = Priest

/dp $text = Demon (Dark priest)

/ps $text = Priestess

/dps $text = Demon (Dark priestess)

/pm $player: $text = private message like a normal player includes /check $name!

/warn $text = mod warning

shortcuts for warnings are:

  • ooc - ooc warning for roleplay
  • beg - begging warning
  • play - warning to play nicely
  • pm - not post pms
  • help - read the rules warning
  • spam - spam warning
  • caps - caps warning
/award $name $amount = reward rp'ers

/mute $name: $hours = mute and jail player for x hours

/perma $name = permamute someone

/curse $name = make someone talk backwards

/caps $name = make someone unable to speak in CAPS

/newrp $name = sends link for RP guide - same as /newrp

/new $name = sends link for manual - same as /new

/commands $name = sends link for commands

/rules $name = sends link to rules

/page = requesting help from an arch

/kill $name = kills a player includes /check $name!

/onpeeps $cmd = shows info

/onpeeps help = for more info

/check $name = disables a players ability to send equipment

/uncheck $name = enables a players ability to send equipment

/setign $name: $lvl = sets the ignore lvl for $name at $lvl, also disables sending of items

/norp $name = blocks the ability to talk in RP for 61 to 120 minutes

/nosales $name = blocks the ability to talk in Sales for 61 to 120 minutes

———- Archwizards commands ———-

/o $text = official announcement

/last $name null = blank out last name

/voice $name = unmute/uncurse player

/zap $name = kills, -5 lvl, -20% of each mastery, not banked gold gone

/ban $name = bans a player

/sban $name = anonymous bans

/ip $name = checks IP

/loc $name = locates a player

/tele $zone = arch teleport

/g_orb2 = macro checking

/macro: $text = macro test

/slap = slaps

/namechange $currentName: $newName = Changes your name



Everything that did not belong elsewhere is found here.


The game has an Estates (housing) system.
Players can own houses for the purpose of storing extra items, and well just owning a piece of land and being able to name it.

The Housing zone is located at 13, 8 and is accessible to levels over 250.
The base cost to buy an estate is 20 million. You get a 10 items stash and can heal at your estate.

You can upgrade the estate for a price, to get more items slots in stash (up to 50), and also a custom description line and even a flag.
You can even share a house with another player if you buy that upgrade.

The other player can access all the functions (as in take/store items, and heal) except the change of description, flag and the owner names.


In the future, this option will play a much bigger role, but for now it offers the following:

  • Ability to remove gems from items (see removing gems)
  • Ability to gain random blessings from the gods for money: you sacrifice a million gold, and hope for the best.
  • Temple of Shadows also has the option for converting shadow items to mystic.
  • Temple of Ultimate Wisdom has the option to convert ancestral shadow items into godly

The chances of success are about 7%. You might get a random mastery boost or a free level if you are lucky.

There are four temples currently:

  • Temple of Shadows is found near the University (15, 21)
  • Temple of Order is found in the Dimension of Light
  • Temple of Chaos is found in the Dimension of Chaos.
  • Temple of Ultimate Wisdom is found in Temple of Order


You can find the tavern from a zone in 3, 2, Outworld.
You can purchase drinks from here. The effect is +20% on the selected statistic for duration of one battle.

You can only have one effect active at a time, and it does not work in duels.
This zone is the only place to duel other players.

Dueling is exactly like killing another player, except that if a player dies from a duel, no exp or gold is lost, and alignment is not gained or lost from the duel.
The tavern is level 21 to enter and has a shrine, which can be used by those who fight in Outworld.

You can drink up to 10 drinks (of the same type) at once, but more will get you cursed for an hour.
This means you can get stat bonuses for up to 10 battles at a time.


(Note: still in progress, tax and structures work, but capturing not yet).

Clans can own a portion of land knows as kingdom.

Kingdoms are NOT normal zones, there is a special zone found at 22, 11 in the Wilderness that allows to settle kingdoms.
Only a clan leader can settle a kingdom. Kingdoms have 3 types of structures:

  • Defense, which serves as protection against possible attackers
  • A mine which sometimes makes you get specific extra gems
  • A miscellaneous type which has different effects that affect combat

The level of defense you can buy depends on clan power, so that only organized clans can actually keep a kingdom.

Anyone can attack a kingdom.

You can only have one type of mine and misc. defense structure active at a time, and you have to pay full price every time you change them.
There is a kingdom treasury and a tax %. No matter where and what you fight, a certain part of it goes to the kingdom, and can be taken freely by both clan leaders.
Minimal tax is 1% and maximal is 99%.

Each clan can only have one kingdom, so that everyone gets a chance to have one.


Alignment represents your faction, neutral, evil or good. It mainly affects the cost of sacrifice at different temples.


Temple of Order sacrifices cost less for those on the positive side, while Temple of Chaos is for the evil players.
Temple of Shadows costs are same for everyone, and slightly more than others.


Sacrificing gold at a temple can change your alignment to the one of the temple a bit.


However, the real way to change it is to kill another player.
If you kill a player with positive alignment, you will lose 1 alignment.
If you kill a player with a negative alignment, you gain 1 alignment, unless the player is at least a certain level.
You also can get a (+/-1) alignment change from fighting monsters in some zones.


Ta’lorn and Demon Gate are known for increasing alignment, while Gem Pond and Essence of Malice lower it.
  • Alignment over 99 is good and shows in chat in yellow color, while below -99 is evil and shows in dark red.
  • Alignments below -500 are not allowed in Ta’lorn, Dimension of Light, Triumph Battlefields, Enchanted Forest and ToO.
  • Alignments above 500 are not allowed in Lair of Temptation, Dimension of Chaos and Forest of Jewels.




Shimlar Owner and Development Admin
Located in the UK

Scott is the proud owner of the domain and the respective limited company SHIMLAR LTD. Scott has been around for a number of years and has his fair share of hate and love. He splits his time between family and Shimlar you may see him for a week and then he disappears for a few days and then reappears. He is very unpredictable.


Lead Developer

Located in the USA

Haggar is an experienced individual and takes a lot of hiatus due to his large work commitment as a meteorologist – He in simple terms is Shimlars genius mind! He takes great care and pride in his work and the grinding cogs of Shimlar simply would be broken without him!


Development Team/Analytical coordinator  

Located in Australia

Zan is a good friend to the administration and puts in hours of effort into finding cheaters/scripters and most recently has been learning the ways of code development, he is an asset to the team and Shimlar would truly be lost without him!


Player Support Admin
Located in Argentina

Mati is a very close friend to most of the Shimlar staff and administration and beyond! Mati has been around since the dawn of Shimlar and will continue in his role of Player Support Admin.

Alpr (USA)

Dev Support Admin
Located in USA

Software engineer and gamer. Loves Power Rangers!

My name= (A)lex (L)oves (P)ower (R)angers

Decanus (UK)

Content Management
Located in the UK

Professional website designer and digital marketer. Been around since 2002, now works on the manual, forums and anything the staff need. Can usually be found looking at memes on Reddit.

Who are the Arch Moderators?

  • Liviath (AU)

    Will push you off the planet

    Rosa (USA)

  • Will buy you a beer after the Liviath push

Who are the moderators?

      • Anonymous (USA)
      • Some Dude (Canada)
        • Chibo (DK)
    • Rinehart (UK)

“Credit is given where credit is due to those that we have lost or had to let go over the years”

It’s with mutual respect that I must personally thank all those that have worked on Shimlar over the years, I won’t list content added or I would be here all day!

Without further ado I personally thank the following people for all the time, effort, commitment, slavery and voluntary work completed on Shimlar (In a kind of chronological order)

Toshax, Lord ArPharazon, Fliteska, Sweet, Lord Bug, Vaco, Kayley (My Wife), OVH (Our host provider)

Without the above people Shimlar simply wouldn’t be around today it’d be something else under a different name which wouldn’t be as nostalgic it would’t be as dramatic it just simply wouldn’t be Shimlar!

The service they provided was second to none and priceless to the operation of Shimlar to this very day I have massive respect to these people and we must thank them for everything they have done.