If a starting fighter gets the best weapon, they will not be very good with it.
An apprentice magician may learn even the most complex incantation, but the odds of it being properly used are low.

In time, you will get more skill in a chosen weapon or spell, increasing you mastery of it.
Mastery affects chance to hit and chance to score critical damage.

Your mastery can increase after a certain number of successful hits, and each % is harder to get.
Each race also has a certain maximum mastery in each type of item that can be achieved as well as a certain starting bonus.
Starting bonus can be negative, as for example: Giants are very bad at magic.

Doublehit Mastery

There is a special mastery called “doublehit”. It allows you to attack or cast two times a round with each weapon or spell.
Every race starts with 1% of doublehit chance, and it increases very slowly.
You can’t increase it in the temple, but you don’t lose it in reincarnation.

Your chance to hit twice is exactly your % in this mastery, meaning that 50% will make you attack twice 50% of the battles.


The Royal Academy, is located at 14, 21 in outworld. It offers the ability to evaluate your masteries for 100 gold per level.


If you reincarnate or change profession you will not lose masteries unless your current masteries exceed your new mastery cap.
Mastery conquests cannot be repeated after a profession change or reincarnation.

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