Chat Commands

Chat Commands

These are all the /commands that you can use in-game.

———- General commands ———-

/e $text = emote

/r $text = race chat

/last $text = set last name

/last null = will remove last name

/m $player: $text = private message

/id $name = id a player

/ignlvl $lvl = set ignore level

/zone $name = shows zone info

/time = shows Shimlar server time

/g_orb = locate players nearby

/pignore $name = ignore a player as long as browser is open

/pvoice $name = stop ignoring

/norace = disables race chat

/racechat = enables racechat again

/quest = shows number of quests completed/when can sign up again

/pk = indicates when you can duel again

/wed $name = shows your intention to marry someone

/yesido = confirms the marriage proposal

/dm = sends a message to the destinee and yourself

/kills = shows how many pks completed

/buddy = Shows your buddies colours designate status
  1. green - online
  2. yellow - likely online
  3. red - not online
/buddya $name = adds a person to your list ~~ buddy Add

/buddyc $name = confirms you want to be on someone's list ~~buddy Confirm

/buddyr $name = removes a person from your list ~~buddy Remove

/buddyq $name = remove yourself from $name's list ~~buddy Quit

/mbuddy $text = message to all your buddies

/pktag $text = adds/updates your pk tag must include :pk: that will be replaced by your opponent name

/pktag null = will remove current pk tag

———- Spoilers ———-

/achievements = requirements, rewards

/gems = information about all gems

/fusion = information about fusing gems ~combining gems that are not mentioned will result in a random gem

/specials = all the lovely special monsters

/races = displays a list of all available races

/myth = displays information about the effects gained when mystifying items as well as their required minimum level to equip

/emblem = Displays emblems and their effects etc

/conquests = Displays information about side quests that you can complete

———- Shortcuts ———-

/grats $player = random congratulation to a player

/greet $player = random salutation to a player

/hello = random hello

/bye = random goodbye message

/like = Player likes the comment below

/love = Player LOVED the comment below

/Frown = Player frowned at the comment below

———- Clan commands ———-

/clandonate $amount = donates $amount from your bank to your clan's kingdom bank

/clan = shows some info about your clan

/members = Shows the online clan members

/leaders $text = Speak to your leaders

———- Clan leaders ———-

/mc $text = message to all clan members

/resign = makes second leader new clan leader, while you stay in the clan

———- Mods + Archwizards ———-

/w $text = modchat / wm $text = send pm to all mods

/d $text = description only in RP

/p $text = Priest

/dp $text = Demon (Dark priest)

/ps $text = Priestess

/dps $text = Demon (Dark priestess)

/pm $player: $text = private message like a normal player includes /check $name!

/warn $text = mod warning

shortcuts for warnings are:

  • ooc - ooc warning for roleplay
  • beg - begging warning
  • play - warning to play nicely
  • pm - not post pms
  • help - read the rules warning
  • spam - spam warning
  • caps - caps warning
/award $name $amount = reward rp'ers

/mute $name: $hours = mute and jail player for x hours

/perma $name = permamute someone

/curse $name = make someone talk backwards

/caps $name = make someone unable to speak in CAPS

/newrp $name = sends link for RP guide - same as /newrp

/new $name = sends link for manual - same as /new

/commands $name = sends link for commands

/rules $name = sends link to rules

/page = requesting help from an arch

/kill $name = kills a player includes /check $name!

/onpeeps $cmd = shows info

/onpeeps help = for more info

/check $name = disables a players ability to send equipment

/uncheck $name = enables a players ability to send equipment

/setign $name: $lvl = sets the ignore lvl for $name at $lvl, also disables sending of items

/norp $name = blocks the ability to talk in RP for 61 to 120 minutes

/nosales $name = blocks the ability to talk in Sales for 61 to 120 minutes

———- Archwizards commands ———-

/o $text = official announcement

/last $name null = blank out last name

/voice $name = unmute/uncurse player

/zap $name = kills, -5 lvl, -20% of each mastery, not banked gold gone

/ban $name = bans a player

/sban $name = anonymous bans

/ip $name = checks IP

/loc $name = locates a player

/tele $zone = arch teleport

/g_orb2 = macro checking

/macro: $text = macro test

/slap = slaps
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