Clan Mines

Clans have access to a few different buildings to provide extra bonuses for all clan members. In this section, we will be covering Clan Mines.

Clan Leaders can purchase a mine if they meet the gold requirements for it at Xandor Kingdoms. When fighting monsters, you have a chance to drop a gem from the clan mine instead of normal drops. There is a cost however – clan tax must be set to at least 5% for the clan mine to be active.

Each mine has different properties, listed below. Keep in mine the most up-to-date version can be found through the in-game command /clanmines or /cm1 for shorthand:

Clan MineGemsSpecial EffectCost
Pile of DirtNoneNoneFree
Depressing Mine1,2None5M
Tiny Mine1,2,3None30M
Pathetic Mine1,2,3,4None200M
Weakfang Mine2,333% Chance for Fang/Br600M
Ineffective Mine3,4None1B
Small Mine4None2B
Freezing Mine433% Chance for FT4B
Smallfang Mine433% Chance for Fang/Br10B
Volatile Mine I1,2,3,4,5None15B
Cold Mineshaft3,4,533% Chance for FT/Atma25B
Oddshaped Mine1,3,5None30B
Minorfang Mine3,4,510% Chance of Fang/Br50B
Lucky Mine I3,4,5None75B
Precise Mine I5None100B
Trivial Mine533% Chance of Mala/Pebble115B
Greatfang Mine533% Chance of Fang/Br/Tour/Rog150B
Volatile Mine II1,2,3,4,5,6None175B
Rare Metal Mine2,4,65% Chance of Fused Gems250B
Random Mine1,620% Chance of Grade 6; 33% Chance Fang/Br500B
Lucky Mine II3,610% Chance of Grade 63T
Precise Mine II5,6None35T
Weak Mine5,633% Chance of Mala/Pebble60T
Jackpot Mine5,620% Chance of Fang/Br; 1% Chance of Grade 775T
Volatile Mine III1,2,3,4,5,6,7None100T
Oddity Mineshaft1,3,4,5,720% Chance of Fused Gems150T
Howling Mine3,5,733% Chance of Jade/Howl300T
Hyperfang Mine4,5,6,710% Chance of Fang/Br650T
Precise Mine III5,6,7None825T
Experience Mine5,6,720% Chance of Atma/Dia1Q
Fusion Mine5,6,710% Chance of Fused Gems1.5Q
Volatile Mine IV1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8None2Q
Twisted Mineshaft2,4,6,8None6Q
Very Rare Metal Mine4,6,820% Chance of Fused Gems10Q
Elemental Mine1,4,8Fused Gems Only20Q
Lucky Mine III2,810% Chance of Fang/Br; 1% Chance of Grade 950Q
Precise Mine IV6,7,8None60Q
SuperFang Mine6,7,820% Chance of Fang/Br75Q
Dark Mine6,7,833% Chance of Ruby/Rog80Q
Volatile Mine V1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9None85Q
Expensive Mine1,3,5,7,9None90Q
Deep Mine3,57,9None100Q
Bottomless Mine1,7,9None115Q
Unlucky Mine5,7,9None125Q
Lucky Mine IV1,5,92.5% Chance of Grade 9150Q
Fangless Mine7,8,9Does NOT drop Fang/Br250Q
Precise Mine V7,8,9None350Q
Legendary Metal Mine7,8,9Drops Fused Gems Only400Q
Ultrafang Mine7,8,933% Chance of Fang/Br500Q
Sparkling Mineshaft7,8,9Drops ALL Gems550Q
Very Unlucky Mine1,7,910% Chance of Malachite600Q
Exquisite Mine7,8,95% Chance of Laz/Ob650Q
Superb Mine8,933% Pebble; 67% Laz/Ob700Q
Worthless Mine8,9Malachites Only800Q
Masterfang Mine8,9Fang/Br Only900Q
Impeccable Mine8,9Only Atma, Tour, Fang, Br, Laz, Ob1 Quint
Clan MineGemsSpecial EffectCost
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