Clans are Shimlar’s in-game Communities.

Joining a Clan

Clans can be joined from 2, 2 in the Royal University.
A minimum level of 100 is required, along with 1 million gold in cash to apply to join clans.

Any player -in a clan- can leave at any time at the Royal University.

Forming a Clan

Clans can be created or joined from 2, 2 in the Royal University.
To create a clan you need to be level 300 or higher.
The costs to create a clan are 10 million gold
After that, every upgrade you do, or change of clan-bonus costs a minimum of 1 million gold.

These benefits include clan bonuses such as: +3 armor, +5% exp and +50% drop chance.
At present there can be various benefits to being in a clan.
Kingdom bonuses such as kingdom mine and kingdom miscellaneous items (these are discussed in kingdoms).

Clan Leaders

Main and Second Clan leaders, in addition, have the follow options:

  • Clan Leader – This person can remove members from his clan
  • Clan Leader – The ability to assign a second leader (this is free)
  • Both Leaders – Can select and change the current Clan bonus
  • Both Leaders – Can send leader messages to all members at once
  • Both Leaders – Will receive a leader bonus and can accept members into the clan

Removing players from your clan costs nothing.

Clan Bonus

Select which clan bonus the clan will use (the choices are influenced by clan power).
Changing the clan bonus costs 1 million gold each time it is changed.

These benefits include clan bonuses such as: +3 armor, +5% exp and +50% drop chance.

Clan Power

Clans have “power”, the more power, the more different bonuses are available to choose.
Clan abilities (combat related) are not active in duels.

For each Member at Level, the clan receives » Clan Power

  • 100-299 » 1
  • 300-499 » 2
  • 500-699 » 4
  • 700-899 » 8
  • 900-1099 » 15
  • 1100-1299 » 25
  • 1300+ » 40

Both Clan leaders get 1.25 times the effect from clan bonuses.

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