Miscellaneous Structures

Certain clans will have a miscellaneous structure which may benefit melee fighters, casters, or even both types of players in creature combat only (aka, not in duels). The miscellaneous Structures are as follows:

Miscellaneous Structure Effect of Structure Cost
Magic Barrier +15% Magic Evasion (Dodge creature casting spells) 10,000,000 gold
Blade Sharpener +20% Weapon Accuracy
+1 item class to both weapons
20,000,000 gold
Concentration Magnifier +30% Spell Accuracy
+1 item class to both spells
40,000,000 gold
Force of Friendship +20% Weapon Accuracy
+30% Spell Accuracy
+1 item class to both weapons and both spells
80,000,000 gold
Black Market +50% “Smash” price at shops 160,000,000 gold
Tracker Academy +200% chance of encountering a special creature 320,000,000 gold

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