To check your conquest status, simply type /conquests in-game. This will also reveal your current progress status, needed items etc..

These however are some of the best ways to get hard to find items and in some cases an item that you can ONLY get via the conquests.

Some of the conquests are zone specific, as noted below:

Current Conquests:

NameLevel ReqXYZoneCollectReward
Wise Elder3001721The Wildernessdrf*** / def*** / ft*** / r*** / tour***
Conquest of Champions152525The WildernessComplete other Conquests!Double Hit Master
Retired Knight10034TalornZONE: 60 rusty parts750,000 gold
Old Lady10044TalornANYWHERE, RESOURCES: 9999 clay, sand, stone, lumberaccessory: Wolf Eye Amulet
Mysterious Mage15033Essence of MaliceZONE: 100 demon tearsaccessory: Gandalf’s Hat
Kinky Hunter15066Fluffy ForestZONE: 200 wolf peltslumber, clay, stone, sand
Conquistador20004CatacombsMulti-leveled accessory conquest. Collect many items across many zones.cUpgradable Conquest Charm
Dwarven25011Dwarven WorkshopANYWHERE: 50 Lumber and Sand, 4 Rudder, 6 Gearchoose a *** gem
Bone Collector35011The ShadowmistANYWHERE: Arm bone, leg bone, rib cage, skullall masteries +5
Pirate Captain45000Stormy Ocean DepthsANYWHERE: 8 map pieces and crate of rumaccess to open water zone, accessory Gauntlets of Midas
Royal Fleet Admiral45088Open WaterANYWHERE, CERATAIN MONSTERS, SPECIALS: Badge drops from certain special monsters.Increasingly Resource Reward (500 steps)
Arch Mage100010The BadlandsANYWHERE: 5 sapphire shards, 300 fusion piecesaccessory: Sapphire Paragon
Noble Guard100013The BadlandsANYWHERE: 5 amethyst shards, 300 fusion piecesaccessory: Amethyst Paragon
Asylum Nurse120033Blackmoor AsylumANYWHERE: 12 screwsaccessory: Circlet of The Savant
Strong Carpenter1400913Unknown DungeonZONE: 2500 stone, 2500 clay, 20 roof parts, 30 windows15k strength / 10k vitality
Intelligent Carpenter140051Unknown DungeonZONE: 2500 stone, 2500 clay, 20 roof parts, 30 windows15,000 Intelligence / 10,000 Vitality
Master of all Skills200034Mount ToshaxZONE, CERATAIN MONSTERS: drops from certain Mount Toshax monsters+10 All Masteries
Raven250060The GraveyardZONE: 10,000 sand, 1,000 jewels25,000 Int / 25,000 Dex
Treebeard250011Naturia ForestZONE: 10,000 lumber, 1,000 water25,000 Vit / 25,000 Wis
Arcane Magistry1300-6000???A Certain ***** gem. Zone & Gem changes every 3 hours.Minimap Teleportation
Fangtastic!399933300 GemsZONE: 150 Black FangsDragon, Demon Fang, or Bloodrock^6
Pelagon Hunt500010Pelagon Palace200 Pelagon Scales, 2000 FP50k All Stats
The Forger555523Final SevenMany Requirementsaccessory: Ring of Forging
Relic Hunter700012Pyramid Level 110,000 FPs, 500 Relics100,000 selectable stats
Relic Hunter800040Pyramid Level 210,000 FPs, 500 Burial objects100,000 selectable stats
Relic Hunter900000Pyramid Level 310,000 FPs, 500 Tomb nails100,000 selectable stats
Grizzly950004Pelagon SpireZONE: 10,000 Stone, 1,000 picnic baskets35k Str or Vit
Relic Hunter1000000Pyramid Level 410,000 FPs, 500 Hieroglyphic symbols100,000 selectable stats
Relic Hunter1100011Pyramid Level 510,000 FPs, 500 Golden plates100,000 selectable stats
The Alchemist1111123Gillans IslandZONE: 60 Alchemy Crystals, Gandalf Hat, Circlet of the Savantaccessory: Circlet of Knowledge
Necromancer3000066The SphinxZONE: 30 Gold Bars, 2,000 Gold (resource)accessory: Prophecy Sphere
Restaurant Bone Collector3333315The Restaurant at the end of ShimlarZONE: Various bones. Follow the clues!A nice ^9 gem
Void Collector3750015The Void part 2ZONE: Various bones. Follow the clues!A Very nice ^9 gem
Wise Ruler5000082Fires of HellZONE: 30 Dwarven Silver, 2,000 Silver (resource)accessory: Circlet of the King
Djinn8000081Old LoreZONE: 30 Elven Perchmeents, 2000 Silver (resource from some zones)accessory: Ali’s Carpet
Gem hunter100,000150Swamp of SadnessClue, certain gem+2.5% in a stat of your choice
Head Hunter Dojo130,00015Shadow ForestZone: Something+5 Masteries of your choice each step
True Shimlarian500,00022The Center of ShimlarZONE: 500 Elven Perchments, 9,000 silverAccessory: Shimlarian Sphere

Stat conquests, except for Gem Hunter, are retained when changing race and not lost. Mastery conquests add to min and max masteries, so you can do them whenever you need to instead of min/maxing your character.

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