Emblems provide your character with a changeable buff at any time in the game, but they also provide a negative bonus to compensate their versatility.  Emblems come in two parts: Buying the emblem, and apply an effect. Each emblems comes with at least one enchantment property, but a few have two choices.

Emblems are purchased at 0,4 Bladeforge. They cost between 5m – 100m. Only one emblem can be applied at any given time – if you switch emblems, you will lose your current enchantment, if any and not refunded the money. Each emblem comes with a different color applied when chatting. Equipped emblem and enchantments are found under the Inventory tab.

Enchantments are purchased at 4,3 Enchanted Forest. Once an emblem is purchased, you head there to apply an effect. The drop down list will display the enchantment, positive/negative effects, and the cost per tier.

When purchasing an enchantment, each rank costs a certain amount of gold. Each rank represents a gem grade – a Rank 6 emblem will have the same power as a tier 6 gem, but also give a tier 6 negative on your character.

Emblem Tier List Gold Cost:

  • Tier 1 – 50k
  • Tier 2 – 500k
  • Tier 3 – 5M
  • Tier 4 – 50M
  • Tier 5 – 500M
  • Tier 6 – 5B
  • Tier 7 – 500B

For the in-game command, use /emblems.

List of Emblems in the game with their effects:

EnchantmentPositive EffectNegative EffectEmblem
Dragon AuraDiamondFrozen TearKing’s Medallion
Turtle ScaleFrozen TearAtmashidadeDefender’s Shield
Clumsy ClueAtmashidadeRogueite (right hand / spell one)Saint’s Halo
Spider NetHit ChanceGem DropsFanatic’s Tabard
The Princess and the PeaGem DropsDragon/Demon Fang (right hand / spell one)Brute’s Pink Tutu
Fighters LoreDragon FangShadow DropsAssassin’s Cowl
Wizards LoreDemon FangShadow DropsElder’s Cane
Shadow LoreShadow DropsDiamondMimic’s Mirror
Wind of IllusionReduced Teleportation CostsNoneIllusionist’s Bag of Tricks
Lore of TransformationReduced Reincarnation CostsNoneEngima’s Fruit Loops
Skillful MirrorReduced Skill-check CostsnoneExplorer’s Compass
Dragon ReleaseDiamondShadow DropsUndead’s Skull
Creeping TurtleShadow DropsDragon/Demon Fang (left hand / spell two)Villain’s Mask
Unlucky WizardryDemon FangGem DropsWizard’s Hat
Unlucky FighterDragon FangGem DropsVeteran’s Medal
Lucky FumblerGem DropsRogueite (left hand / spell two)Mimic’s Mirror
Forgetful ConcentrationSpell ChanceAtmashidadeWizard’s Hat
Unexperienced ArcherHit ChanceAtmashidadeHero’s Cape
Lore of Knowledge and VulnerabilityAtmashidadeFrozen TearFool’s Gold
Lore of Defense and PovertyFrozen TearDiamondTrainer’s Whip
Mastery LoreHowliteNoneMaster’s Mount
Conquistador LoreConquest Item DropsNoneRainbow Dust
Lore of RelocationMagical Location of PlayersNoneAmerican Flag
Dedicated AccumulatorResource DropsConquest Item DropsTreasure Map
NoneNoneNoneChristmas Hat
EnchantmentPositive EffectNegative EffectEmblem
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