Enchanting Items

You can enchant gems into equipment such as armour, swords, maces etc at any Arcanium.

The cost to enchant items is free but be careful when enchanting because you might not be a high enough level to get the benefits from the gems you put in the item.

Make sure to double check what benefit you will receive by typing /gems into the chat bar.

In this example, the character is level 100 and will only get the benefit of up to Grade 3 Gems.

This means by enchanting a grade 4 gem into the item, the character will only get 20% until it reaches a higher level.

Disenchanting Items

Once you’re level 80+ you then have access to Temple Of Shadows.

Head over to 2,3 on the map and you will be able to disenchant items.

Disenchanting is never guaranteed and you may lose all of your gems or you might save them where they end up back in your inventory.

The cost to disenchant is 100,000 gold regardless of the IC/AC of the item or the grade of the gems.

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