Enchanting Items

While there is a wide assortment of gear in the game to equip, you won’t get very far if you do not enchant them! Finding gems in the game allows you to enchant your gear with different properties.

You can enchant gems into equipment such as armour, swords, maces etc at any Arcanium.

It costs nothing to enchant items, however there can be a restriction on the gem tier used. If you do not meet the proper requirements, you will not get the full benefit out of the enchantment.

For instance, if you’re level 500, tier 5 gems (frozen tear*****) will not provide you with its full value. Instead, it will scale down to your level. However, it isn’t necessarily a negative since the full value will kick in once you meet the gem requirements, as viewed at the Gem List.

Lastly, some gear can only enchant one gem slot. This applies to all normal, shop gear that is IC  2 and below. Shadow gear that is found through wearing shop gear has two gem slots regardless of IC.

Disenchanting Items

Starting at level 80+, you unlock access to Temple Of Shadows which will let you disenchant your gear at 2,3 on the map to get either the gem(s) or gear back, but has risks involved.

When disenchanting, 3 effects can happen:

  • The item breaks, returning any gems that were inside it
  • The farthest gem slot is lost, but the item and remaining gem remain
  • The farthest gem slot is kept and the item and remaining gem remain

Gem slots are commonly referred to as “1st slot” and “2nd slot”. In the image above, the BS7 would be the 1st slot (inner) and the BR7 would be the 2nd slot (outer). Gem placement is important when enchanting gear, since the 2nd slot has no “protection” against being lost.

A common tactic players utilize to never lose their 1st gem slot is to “pop”  (disenchant) the second gem out and then continuously enchant the gear with low grade gems and disenchanting, hoping to break the item to retrieve the first gem back.

The cost to disenchant is 100,000 gold regardless of the IC/AC of the item or the grade of the gems.

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