Bonus Events

Obtained as a bonus reward from donating, or very rarely initiated by a higher power (mod or arch).

Creature Hunts

Occasionally, a legendary creature will attack some zone. Players in that zone can all fight the creature, which has usually millions of HP, but low stats so can be hit by almost anyone. Damage done to the creature is divided by your level, and you deal at least 5000 damage to it if you hit. The one to kill this beast will receive a gem of a random grade, and everyone who was attacking it (and no other monsters) and is in the zone at the moment of the kill will receive a set amount of gold (100k). Hunts are generally triggered during holiday events, when someone donates toward the donate bonus or if an admin is feeling generous.


From time to time perpetrators will raid the estates and drop loot in a specific zone. To take part in this event you need to go to the zone that is listed in the event notification and simply click on the search button. Hitting the search button will check the square for loot, you can then move to the next square and search. The event will finish once all items have been found, so be as fast as you can!

Any items found during this event are handed in at 1,8 in the wilderness (Except for ‘Cookie’ which is given to Joe in the North Pole)

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