Bonus Raids

Players donate for raids via the “Support the Game” Link, below chat.

A raid is similar to a hunt, however it is set in a specific zone with spots scattered all over that zone to “search” for random rewards of items or gems.

Sometimes even an accessory item is gained!

Some of these items are unique to raids and they give specific rewards at the NPC located in the wilderness (1,8)

  • Elvish Perchment – 5 or 10 Levels
  • Kings Legacy – A handshake, 10,000 Marbles*, 5% increase or decrease of your banked gold, or other random rewards

Certain items here are also conquest items and can be retained for that purpose!

*Marbles have a few uses and the most important would be, upgrading an Accessory slots for levels 15k and 100k

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