Fusion Gem List

The Fusion Gem List

Can be found in-game using the command: /fusion

PLEASE NOTE Because Gem effects are now dynamic, based on your level, the Fusion Gem List table below only contains the detailed effects of each gem, but for accurate effects based on your level, please refer to the in-game gem list by using the command /fusion to see the percentages that apply to your current level.

Which gems are effective for your level?

  • Level 1 – Grade ^3
  • Level 250 – Grade ^4
  • Level 1,000 – Grade ^5
  • Level 2,500 – Grade ^6
  • Level 5,000 – Grade ^7
  • Level 7,500 – Grade ^8
  • Level 10,000 – Grade ^9

Equipping or Using a gem that is a higher grade than your effective level, will downgrade its power to match your level.

For example: You are level 1800 and are using Grade ^6 gems in your gear. They will have the effect of a grade ^5, until you reach level 2500.
From that moment on, the grade ^6 gem’s effect will automatically reflect a grade ^6 gem.

Lower grade gems are not automatically upgraded as you level up & should be upgraded manually or replaced.

List of Fusable Gems:

Fusion Gem Combined Gems Effects
Citrine Jasper Increase Drop Chance
Diamond Increase Gold
Cobalt Howlite Increase Mastery Chance
Jade Increase Doublehit Chance
Pyrite Amber Increase Strength
Emerald Increase Dexterity
Kunzite Garnet Decrease Enemy Strength
Opal Decrease Enemy Dexterity
Kyanite Iolite Steal Enemy Strength
Moonstone Steal Enemy Dexterity
Zoisite Amber Increase Intelligence
Pearl Increase Wisdom
Apatite Garnet Decrease Enemy Intelligence
Black Pearl Decrease Enemy Wisdom
Rosalite Iolite Steal Enemy Intelligence
Corundum Steal Enemy Wisdom
Lazurite Opal Decrease Enemy Dexterity
Rogueite Increase Hit Chance
Obsidian Black Pearl Decrease Enemy Wisdom
Rogueite Increase Hit Chance
Bloodstone Ruby Decrease Enemy Wisdom (+Ruby AC)
Tourmaline Increase Hit Chance (+Ruby/Tour WIS)
Petalite Jasper Increase Drop Chance
Atmashidade Increase Experience

There are also two special fused gems, but are found normally in the game and cannot be fused together:

Dragon Tear50% Dragon Fang + 100% Frozen Tear Effect
Demon Tear50% Demon Fang + 100% Frozen Tear Effect

For the vampire class, Obsidian, Dragon Tear, and Demon Tear have no effect on them.

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