Fusion Machine

The Fusion Machine

Can be used for gem fusion, to create a new gem from two other gems of the same grade.
By default the outcome is a random gem type. Exceptions are for certain fixed combinations (type the command /fusion for gem fusion list).

Operating the Fusion Machine, to create new gems, also costs Fusion Points, which are stored as a resource.
You can get Fusion Points randomly from normal battles, as a reward from completing Quests, by trading and also in the way described below:

The Fusion Machine is also the place where you can take unwanted gems and shadows to throw into the machine and receive Fusion Points in return.
These FP are used for various things, such as:

  • Using them in the Gem Forge
  • Upgrading Mythic gear to Ancestral or Godly
  • And for Conquests.

The first accessible Fusion machine is located at 2,7 Lair of Temptation. You may enter the zone at level 200.

What level do I have to be to throw different gem grades into the Fusion Machine?

  • Grade 1,2 – Level 200, as soon as you can enter Lair of Temptation
  • Grade 3 – Level 500
  • Grade 4 – Level 1,500
  • Grade 5 – Level 3,500
  • Grade 6 – Level 5,500
  • Grade 7 – Level 9,500
  • Grade 8 – Level 25,000
  • Grade 9 – Level 100,000
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