A Hunt Creature is summoned by giving the HuntMaster, located at 10, 7 in The Wilderness, one of your hunt tokens.

Hunt Tokens are obtained as a reward from donations.
Your Tokens are saved in your list of Resources, so they do not take up inventory space.

After turning in (one of) your Token(s), the following confirmation shows in chat:

{YOUR_NAME} completed the Token Master Conquest!

After which a creature spawns in one of the starter zones at random.
The zone is specified in chat, shortly after the first confirmation, as following:

Fearless Adventurer (Supreme Overlord) says: The people of {STARTER_ZONE} need your help! {YOUR_NAME} Creation has escaped! Kill it and be rewarded greatly!

To defeat the creature, travel to the specified zone where it can be selected from the drop-down list.

Everybody that contributed in the fight against the spawned creature, is rewarded with 100,000 gold.
The person that delivers the killing blow, is additionally rewarded with a random grade Gem.

Temporary season- or holiday type hunts, may need to be started in their own section.

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