Equipment Basics

To better your character, your character may buy equipment from the local shops. Weaponry, armour, and shields are located in the Equipment Shop, denoted on the minimap by an ‘S’, and spells at the Magic Shop is denoted by an ‘M’ on the minimap.

There are five different types of weapons you can choose from- Sword, Axe, Mace, Staves, Bows- and 5 different types of spells you can choose – Fire, Cold, Air, Arcane (heal), and Drain. Armour and Shields are also available.

If you fight with only one weapon and/or spell, then you get a bonus. With one weapon and no shield, you will do 3 times more damage, but your chance to hit lowers slightly. With one spell, you will cast 3 times better than your normal amount, but your chance to hit lowers slightly, as well.

Shields are able to increase your armour class if they are a high enough item class. Every item class for Shields will yield +0.1 to your Armour Class. This bonus, added to your armour mastery, would be rounded DOWN to the nearest whole number.

Buying Equipment

To buy your equipment, you must have your gold on hand.

Each piece of equipment has stat and level requirements to equip them.

  • Weapons require (Item Class) x 200 Strength. ie… Falchion (Item Class 6) requires 6 x 200=1200 strength.
  • Attacking spells require (Item Class) x 200 intelligence
  • Heal/Arcane requires (Item Class) x 130 intelligence
  • Armour requires (Item Class) x 150 Vitality
  • Shields requires (Item Class) x 120 Strength

At item class 11, all equipment is imposed with a level requirement. The level requirement raises by 20 for each Item Class, ie, an item class 15 requires level 100. A formula you may use is (Item Class-10) x 20 = Level Requirement. All normal items below item class 11 have no level requirement.

Item Class 15 equipment and higher have two gem slots, thus making them more useful than the item classes below them, which only have one gem slot available. All normal equipment may be smashed at the shops for half of its original value. Neflarians can sell them in sales for a better deal. Shops do not take into account any gems that are enchanted into your equipment.

In the drop-down selector, you can view the equipment you have. You can also see the grades of the gems enchanted into the items.

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