July 2019 Survey Results

We Asked, You Answered!

Here, we wanted to find out what the most amount of hours a player gets per day.

As you can see, it’s fairly split between 1 – 5 hours per day with on a small percentage of 2% playing more than 10 hours per day.

What We Can See From This

This shows us that players can invest a good 5 hours per day into Shimlar meaning the average player can still rack up a good amount of time to grind. Seeing results like this helps us work out what needs tweaking in future rounds to further help benefit all players. While only 2% of players can grind for twice the amount of time – it does leave some food for thought on how to approach future developments for the entire player base.

Here we wanted to see whether players could get more hours in on a weekend.

Unfortunately, the results were pretty much even throughout. We can see this in-game where some players will remain dormant or slightly active throughout a working week and then level up throughout the weekend.

What We Can See From This

We can’t really use this result to further improve the game but it’s interesting to know.

Here we wanted to see what players thought would be the best time to restart a round.

While we forgot to define what “When the player base becomes inactive” it seems that the majority of players are happy to restart a round when it’s dead.

What We Can See From This

Ideally, an inactive player base would be where a consistent amount of time has passed with about 1-6 players online within an hour. For example, if an average of 6 players are online per hour for a week, we would consider that worthy of a reset.

The remaining majority of those surveyed all agreed that anything beyond 10, 12 or 14 weeks is an ideal length of time for a round.

Here we wanted to see how players felt about product releases and the time between releasing them.

The majority of players are happy with the time between releasing things like bonus tokens or accessories however the remaining of those surveyed stated they should be released slower.

What We Can See From This

It’s difficult to judge when to release bonus tokens as the player base is quite mixed when they are actually released.

Some players message admins asking for them to be released early and others ask for them to not be released. While we can’t please everyone on this issue, we will try our best.

Our goal is to keep the players happy and as such, all products for future rounds will be scheduled and we will try our very best not to release them early unless there is a high enough demand for them.

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