Frequently Asked Questions

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Shimlar?

Shimlar is a text based online role playing game, as to where you are set as a choice of 11 Starting races which range from Human to Troll.
These are chosen on creation of your chosen character.

Shimlar has been around in the early days since 2001 and has had a few reboots since then.
Some clone games and some rewrites.

May this remain the original Shimlar with a few alterations thanks to the hard work and dedication of several coders throughout the process.

The original code base that was provided to myself will remain the sole property of Koen (Lord A) And his fellow team of coders, however any alterations made thus far will remain the property of SHIMLAR LTD And it’s respective partners.

Myself and the administration team hope you will enjoy Shimlar for what it is today and we will always remain the upkeep of the nostalgic feel.


Can I get a name change?

No, these sort of requests are no longer permitted as they were causing too many issues in the past.

Stick with your current name that you chose upon creation and be happy with it, In certain circumstances – A rule break for example your name will be changed.

Is the Shimlar code available to download?

Not at this moment in time, however if you require the original old Shimlar files which are untouched and archived, we may provide these to you providing they are for personal use and not for use in the public domain.

What is a reset?

Never mention this word in general chat or all hell will break loose!

A reset is when a new round starts everyone will restart from scratch – The Database is “Reset”

Can I be an admin?

Asking the staff this question is sure to ensure you do not

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