Shimlar Owner and Development Admin
Located in the UK

Scott is the proud owner of the domain and the respective limited company SHIMLAR LTD. Scott has been around for a number of years and has his fair share of hate and love. He splits his time between family and Shimlar you may see him for a week and then he disappears for a few days and reappears he is very unpredictable.


Operations Admin
Located in NZ

Sweet assists players and Staff with day to day issues. Gem stuck in item slot? Sweet will wrench it out for you. If you cannot find her she’s likely elbow-deep in click logs.


Player Support Admin
Located in Argentina

Mati is a very close friend to most of the Shimlar staff and administration and beyond! Mati has been around since the dawn of Shimlar and will continue in his role of Player Support Admin.


Development Admin
Located in the USA

Miekster has bravely come on to the Admin team to tackle the many scripts and code that come together as Shimlar. He has a wealth of knowledge and is excited to bring new ideas and features to the game. Warning: has a tendency to /ipban for stupidity.


Content Manager
Located in the UK

Arkius is responsible for the management of the Shimlar Forums (namely reinstalling them each time an unnamed Owner accidentally deletes the files). Any issues relating to Forum, or external pages – hit him up with a message!

Who are the Arch Moderators?

  • Liviath (AU)

    Will push you off the planet

    Rosa (USA)

  • Will buy you a beer after the Liviath push

Who are the moderators?

      • Bakryu (USA)

      • Anonymous (USA)

      • Noctis (USA) RP Mod

      • Chibo (DK)

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