Shimlar Owner and Development Admin

Located in the UK Scott owns the domain and the respective limited company SHIMLAR LTD, Scott has been around for a number of years and has the fair share of hate and love, He splits his time between family and Shimlar you may see him for a week and then he disappears for a few days and reappears he is very unpredictable.



Player Support Admin.

Mati is a very close friend to most of the Shimlar staff and administrator and beyond! Mati has been around since the dawn of Shimlar and will continue in his role of player support admin, He is located in Argentina.


Human Resource Manager

Jamie is a Genderfluid cow that identifies as a horse.


Player Support and Development Admin

Sweet, along with Methenas, assists players with day to day issues. She is also a part of the progression and development side of Shimlar, helping to improve and progress the game. Her most important use, is to be around so Ulti and Scotticus can blame her when they break things. (Under Shimlar Law in decree 17A,1C, Sweet must accept and admit fault to any breakages caused by Ulti or Scotticus, as declared by the Almighty Scotticus and Ulti).

Who are the Arch Moderators?

  • Liviath (AU)

    Rosa (USA)

Who are the moderators?

  • Confusedfire (USA)

  • Anonymous (USA)

  • Noctis (USA)
  • SirBakryu (USA)

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