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The game has an Estates (housing) system.
Players can own houses for the purpose of storing extra items, and well just owning a piece of land and being able to name it.

The Housing zone is located at 13, 8 and is accessible to levels over 250.
The base cost to buy an estate is 20 million. You get a 10 items stash and can heal at your estate.

You can upgrade the estate for a price, to get more items slots in stash (up to 50), and also a custom description line and even a flag.
You can even share a house with another player if you buy that upgrade.

The other player can access all the functions (as in take/store items, and heal) except the change of description, flag and the owner names.


In the future, this option will play a much bigger role, but for now it offers the following:

  • Ability to remove gems from items (see removing gems)
  • Ability to gain random blessings from the gods for money: you sacrifice a million gold, and hope for the best.
  • Temple of Shadows also has the option for converting shadow items to mystic.
  • Temple of Ultimate Wisdom has the option to convert ancestral shadow items into godly

The chances of success are about 7%. You might get a random mastery boost or a free level if you are lucky.

There are four temples currently:

  • Temple of Shadows is found near the University (15, 21)
  • Temple of Order is found in the Dimension of Light
  • Temple of Chaos is found in the Dimension of Chaos.
  • Temple of Ultimate Wisdom is found in Temple of Order


You can find the tavern from a zone in 3, 2, Outworld.
You can purchase drinks from here. The effect is +20% on the selected statistic for duration of one battle.

You can only have one effect active at a time, and it does not work in duels.
This zone is the only place to duel other players.

Dueling is exactly like killing another player, except that if a player dies from a duel, no exp or gold is lost, and alignment is not gained or lost from the duel.
The tavern is level 21 to enter and has a shrine, which can be used by those who fight in Outworld.

You can drink up to 10 drinks (of the same type) at once, but more will get you cursed for an hour.
This means you can get stat bonuses for up to 10 battles at a time.


(Note: still in progress, tax and structures work, but capturing not yet).

Clans can own a portion of land knows as kingdom.

Kingdoms are NOT normal zones, there is a special zone found at 22, 11 in the Wilderness that allows to settle kingdoms.
Only a clan leader can settle a kingdom. Kingdoms have 3 types of structures:

  • Defense, which serves as protection against possible attackers
  • A mine which sometimes makes you get specific extra gems
  • A miscellaneous type which has different effects that affect combat

The level of defense you can buy depends on clan power, so that only organized clans can actually keep a kingdom.

Anyone can attack a kingdom.

You can only have one type of mine and misc. defense structure active at a time, and you have to pay full price every time you change them.
There is a kingdom treasury and a tax %. No matter where and what you fight, a certain part of it goes to the kingdom, and can be taken freely by both clan leaders.
Minimal tax is 1% and maximal is 99%.

Each clan can only have one kingdom, so that everyone gets a chance to have one.


Alignment represents your faction, neutral, evil or good. It mainly affects the cost of sacrifice at different temples.


Temple of Order sacrifices cost less for those on the positive side, while Temple of Chaos is for the evil players.
Temple of Shadows costs are same for everyone, and slightly more than others.


Sacrificing gold at a temple can change your alignment to the one of the temple a bit.


However, the real way to change it is to kill another player.
If you kill a player with positive alignment, you will lose 1 alignment.
If you kill a player with a negative alignment, you gain 1 alignment, unless the player is at least a certain level.
You also can get a (+/-1) alignment change from fighting monsters in some zones.


Ta’lorn and Demon Gate are known for increasing alignment, while Gem Pond and Essence of Malice lower it.
  • Alignment over 99 is good and shows in chat in yellow color, while below -99 is evil and shows in dark red.
  • Alignments below -500 are not allowed in Ta’lorn, Dimension of Light, Triumph Battlefields, Enchanted Forest and ToO.
  • Alignments above 500 are not allowed in Lair of Temptation, Dimension of Chaos and Forest of Jewels.
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