This section is for players to see what the next round will entail.

Please keep in mind that this page is a draft and is updated through player feedback, discussions within the admin team and is not set in stone until the new round.

Next Round Ideas

2 Hour Bonus Round

This has been implemented already however I feel players prefer this and are getting more a benefit throughout.

Bonus Token Cost

Judging by the feedback from a survey we ran in July 2019, a majority of players felt the pricing structures were too expensive however 29%% felt that the prices were adequate.

I propose we strip single tokens and instead go more towards the token packs but at a cheaper rate. This way, more players will purchase tokens and more players will benefit from this.

  • 300% (pack of 3) @ $3.99 – Released 7 days after reset
  • 600% (pack of 3) @ $5.99 – Released week 2
  • 900% (pack of 3) @ $7.99 – Released week 3
  • 1200% (pack of 3) @ $9.99 – Released week 4
  • 1500% + 2100% might not be available to keep the round lasting longer


The feedback from accessories we received was mainly based around randomised accessories. Here’s a run down on what’s to come:

  • eCol – Still available but AC will be reduced to +50 – Available week 2
  • King’s Crown – Same as eCol, reduction is IC – Available week 2
  • Randomised Accessory – Discountinued
  • Potential new accessories to be available via conquests at much higher levels

Loot Boxes

The feedback about gem boxes and FP boxes has been noted.

The wide majority of players feel they should not be available, at all. They will be discontinued for the next round.

Other Updates

Things like lottery tickets and raids will remain the same. Not many people were against them although 55% of players are against Level Up Boxes which was strange because they benefit everyone.

Longer Rounds

We all want rounds to last longer. Most players that completed the survey said they were happy for a reset if we hit “inactive player base” or “over 12 weeks”. Unfortunately we can’t entertain everyone. Some players like to grind, others like to fly through with BT. Those that don’t like the grind end up quitting early on in the round and those that level faster when BT is active end up getting too far and get bored.

We have run a few ideas around and here they are:

  • Less gold/exp per kill throughout all zones
  • Conquest exclusive zones (unlocked upon completion to move forward in the game)
  • Release tokens later throughout the round (increments increase weekly)
  • Release accessories later on in the game
  • Cap clans to 30 members
  • Increase Clan Mine cost
  • Increase level/stat requirements for Shadow gear
  • Increase level/stat requirements for IC 70 +

We obviously want a balanced environment where players can get the best of both worlds and to do this, we need your input as well. Head over to the FORUM and let us know your idea. Even if you don’t get a reply, it won’t fall on deaf ears. We will read it and consider it for future rounds.