When you meet certain level and gold requirements, you can change to a profession at 2, 1 Royal University. Each profession carries different stat and mastery bonuses. Stats will start at 75% of the profession’s minimum level.

A full list of professions can be found using the in-game command /professions or /prof for short. These are always up-to-date, and display the mastery and stats also.

Below is a list of possible professions, not including mastery/stats of each:

Pocket Thief400+20% Purse Drops
Mine Worker400+20% Clan Mine Drops
Bakers Wife550+15% Shadow Drops
Prospector800+15% Gem Drops
Mage Spirit8001.5x Class Type Bonus (Casters)
Warrior Spirit8001.5x Class Type Bonus (Fighters)
Banker1000+15% Gold
Adventurer1200-1h Quest Timer
Land Owner1200+25% Resource Drops
Dark Lord1200None
Necromancer1,600+20% Gem Drops
Wind Waker1,600+20% Purse Drops
Paladin1,600+20% Shadow Drops
Gladiator1,600+20% Clan Mine Drops
Armor Master1,600+50% Mastery Chance
Shadow Demon1,600+25% Shadow Drops
Wet Bandit2,000+20% Purse Drops; 50% Heavier Purses
Jeweler2,00010% Chance for +1 Min Grade Gem Drop
Shift Worker3,000+25% Gold
Looter4,000+15% Gem, Shadow, Purse Drops
Blacksmith4,250+1 Forge Bonus
Skywalker4,500-2h Quest Timer, 2x Conquest Drops
Bard4,750+25% Gem, Clan Mine Drops
Musician4,750+25% Shadows, Resource Drops
Peddler5,000+30% Random Drop Chance
Black Mage6,0002x Class Type Bonus (Caster)
Mercenary6,0002x Class Type Bonus (Fighter)
Accountant10,000+50% Gold
Berzerker15,000+25% Critical Chance & Damage
Ironworker15,000+2 Forge Bonus
Gemologist25,000+40% Gem Drops
Shadow Dealer25,000+40% Shadow Drops
Pawn Broker25,000+40% Purse Drops & Heavier Purses
Geologist25,000+40% Clan Mine Drops
Brute30,000-2h Quest Timer, +Special Monsters
Archaeologist40,000+50% Resource Drops, 2.5x Conquest Drop Chance
White Mage50,0003x Class Type Bonus (Casters)
Assassin50,0003x Class Type Bonus (Fighter)
Superhero60,000+30% Gem, Shadow, Purse Drops
Gambler100,000+50% Random Drop Chance
Jewelsmith100,0002.5% chance for Max Gem Grade Drops
Master Blacksmith100,000+3 Forge Bonus
Chamberlain100,000+75% Gold
Arch Mage100,0004x Class Type Bonus (Casters)
Saboteur100,0004x Class Type Bonus (Fighters)
Farmer100,000+50% Resource Drop Chance; 1.5x Resources
Crafter100,000+35% Zir Chance

Explanation of the various bonuses applied when you’re a profession:

  • +x% Gem Drops: Increased chance at receiving a gem upon a kill
  • +x% Shadow Drops: Increased chance at receiving a shadow upon a kill
  • Purse Drops: Increased chance at receiving a purse of gold upon a kill (amount varies based on your level)
  • +x% Clan Mine Drops: Increased chance at receiving a clan mine gem upon a kill (must be in a clan with 5%+ clan tax active)
  • Heavier Purses: Receive extra gold from a purse drop
  • +x% Class Type Bonus: Multiplies a Fighter or Casters class bonus by a certain amount. See /class in-game [LINK THIS]. Does not apply to Bow/Vampire Classes.
  • +x% Gold: Increased gold upon a kill
  • -xh Quest Timer: After completing a quest, your timer to do a new quest is shortened
  • +x% Resource Drops: Increased chance at receiving a resource upon a kill
  • +x% Mastery Chance: Increased chance at receiving a mastery upon attacking an enemy
  • x% Chance for +1 Min Grade Gem Drops: Provides a chance to receiving +1 grade higher than what you would have drops (IE – drf** becomes drf***). Cannot exceed zone maximum gem.
  • +x Forge Bonus: Increased chance at successfully creating a higher tier gem
  • x Conquest Drop Rate: Increased chance at receiving a conquest item upon a kill (must have an active conquest)
  • +x% Critical Chance & Damage: Increases Fighter critical damage and chance
  • +Special Monsters: Increases chance to find a special monster that provides various benefits. See the specials page [LINK THIS] or /specials in-game.
  • +x% Random Drop Chance: Increased chance at receiving a gem, shadow, purse, or clan mine upon a kill. Bonus is applied at random each kill.
  • x% Chance for Max Gem Grade Drop: Provides a chance to receive a zones maximum gem tier (IE – if a zone can drop grades 1-9, you can drop a grade 9 if this triggers)
  • x Resources: Increases the amount of resources obtained upon a kill (if you get a resoruce drop)
  • +x% Zir Chance: Increases the chance to obtain an accessory upgrade upon a kill (must have rolled a shadow on kill and meet the 15k+ and 50k+ requirements to receiving zir upgrades)
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