Questmaster Hut

The QuestMaster Hut

Is where you pickup and complete quests. He can be found at 20,21 in The Wilderness and offers quests every hour on the hour.
The QuestMaster will instruct you to kill a certain Special monster in a particular zone.
If you are the first to find the special monster and defeat it, then return to the hut to receive your reward.

You can only sign up for one quest at a time, and you can only get the reward for a quest you have signed up to.

In case you completed a quest, it is important that you collect your reward before the time runs out on the quest.
Many players can sign up for the same quest, and only the first one to complete it gets the reward.

Quests are level restricted and you will only be able to view quests appropriate for your level range

The QuestMaster will never tell you which Special monster you have to defeat.
You can, however, keep track of which specials you have already killed, by using the in-game Quest tab on the left menu.

Please note this tab will not update if someone else completes the quest you’re on – keep an eye on chat!

Without a special clan bonus you can only complete one quest every once in a while. The time is based on your current level, as following:

  • 0 – 299: 3h
  • 300 – 599: 4h
  • 600 – 999: 5h
  • 1000 -1599: 6h
  • 1600, 2499: 7h
  • 2500 -99999: 8h

You may -of course- bribe the QuestMaster, to reduce the time before you can take another quest.
Each Malachite you hand to the QuestMaster, will reduce the cooldown by:

  • Grade 1, 2, 3: 1 hour
  • Grade 4: 2 hours
  • Grade 5+: 3 hours

The minimum grade that must be used, depends on your level:

  • Level 1000+: grade 3+
  • Level 2000+: grade 4+
  • Level 6000+: grade 5+
  • Level 10000+: grade 6+

Using the in-game command: /quest will show you how many quests you have completed and when you are eligible to start another.

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