Your character has the chance to be “Reborn”

This in short is a fresh start for yourself.

You’ll loose all your levels and retain your equipment*, no mastery penalty will take place like it does with reincarnation.

Reborn in itself is a unique profession with no bonuses at this moment in time but we will expand this in further rounds.

You can only manually request this from the administration at this point in time and the stages are listed below.

  • Level 600,000 – “Enlightened”
  • Level 950,000 – “Ascended”
  • Level 1,500,000 – “Evolved”

You cannot go STRAIGHT to the “Evolved” Stage you must of attained the previous 2 Stages first.

At this moment in time the only real bonuses you are getting with turning to reborn is the added benefit of your mastery boosts.

Further on down the line we’d quite like to expand on this system allowing “Gauntles” To only be used by reborns, unique fusion only gems and the possibility of reborn only accessories.

As always we appreciate your feedback and input on systems evolving like this and would welcome any comments and suggestions.

*As of right now you’ll keep equipped items, in a new round you’ll loose everything equipped