Your character has the chance to be “Reborn”

This in short is a fresh start for yourself.

You’ll loose all your levels and your equipment, no mastery penalty will take place like it does with reincarnation. You’ll start “Fresh”

Reborn in itself is a unique profession with experience and gold bonuses.

You can only manually request this from the administration at this point in time and the stages are listed below.

  • Level 600,000 – “Enlightened”
  • Level 950,000 – “Ascended”
  • Level 1,500,000 – “Evolved”
  • Level 20,000,000 – “Deity”

You cannot go STRAIGHT to the “Deity” Stage you must of attained the previous 3 Stages first.

Reborns aren’t supposed to be able to trade – This is a work in progress

As always we appreciate your feedback and input on systems evolving like this and would welcome any comments and suggestions. *