Shadow Items

Shadow Items

By chance after killing a creature, you may see You find a Shadow Item! That means the equipment that you are wearing at that exact moment ‘dropped’ a shadow item. A shadow item resembles normal equipment but has much lower requirements to equip. The shadow item is ended with a Roman numeral, which represents its power, so to say. A Shadow Item I would be equivalent to an item class 1 of that equipment type. For example, a Phantom Sword I would be equivalent to a Dagger (item class 1 Sword).

Any Shop gear, deemed “Droppers”, can drop shadow gear. The IC of the shadow is dependent upon your gear while the type of shadow is randomized, depending on which slot was triggered.

  • If you have an unequipped piece of gear, you’ll only drop IC 1 shadows of any type.
  • Weapons (Sword, Axe, Mace, Staff, Bow, Ammo) drop each other.
  • Spells (Fire, Cold, Air, Earth, Drain) drop each other.
  • Legs and Boots drop each other
  • Gauntlet and helmet drop each other
  • Armor drops itself
  • Arcane/Shield drop each other
  • If fully upgraded gear (Godly) is triggered, it is possible to dupe the item (Godly Shield XV drops Godly Shield XV)

The way drops work is:

  • Droppers have a 75% chance to drop the same IC as the gear. IE – Fire V can drop a Shadow Fire V.
  • Droppers have a 25% chance to drop IC-1 gear. IE – Fire V can drop a Shadow Fire IV.
  • There is twice the likelihood of a dropper giving a shadow item of the same type. IE – Fire V can drop Fire, Cold, Air, Earth, or Drain IV or V but has twice the chance to be Fire.
  • Shadow gear can also drop shadows, but has a much larger range than regular dropper gear. IE – A Shadow Fire V can drop Shadow Fire I-IV. Unless it is upgraded to Godly status, you cannot dupe gear.

Shadow gear has lower requirements to use than shop gear and much stronger in the long run due to enchantments and being able to upgrade shadows into higher-tiers.

Unused shadows can be sold to other players, smashed at a shop or at a fusion machine for Fusion Points.

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