Shadow Items

Shadow Items

By chance after killing a creature, you may see You find a Shadow Item! That means the equipment that you are wearing at that exact moment ‘dropped’ a shadow item. A shadow item resembles normal equipment but has much lower requirements to equip. The shadow item is ended with a Roman numeral, which represents its power, so to say. A Shadow Item I would be equivalent to an item class 0 of that equipment type. For example, a Phantom Sword I would be equivalent to a Dagger (item class 0 Sword).

The Roman Numeral of the shadow item dropped depends on what equipment you had on at the time. For normal equipment between Item Class, 1 – 31, the highest possible Roman Numeral you would drop would be the lowest integer (whole number) of the following: Roman Numeral = (Item Class + 4)/5. As well, for regular equipment (Non-Shadow and Non-Mystic), the type of drop varies. Any type of equipment can drop any other type of equipment, i.e. weapon can drop armor or a spell.

For example, if you had an item class 20 mace on, you have the chance to drop a Phantom Hammer IV, Phantom Sword IV, Ghost Shield IV, Ghost Armor IV, Shadow Fire IV, etc. Item Class 0 equipment will drop a Shadow Item I.
A Shadow item can drop another shadow item. However, the roman numeral is not always the same. The roman numeral for a dropped shadow item from a shadow item will be either equal to, or less than, the roman numeral of the equipped shadow item. The type of shadow item can be variable. A weapon will always drop a weapon, a damaging spell will drop a damaging spell, armor will drop armor, and a shield or heal spell will drop a shield or heal spell.

If you have no equipment equipped in a slot, it will have a chance to drop a Shadow Item I.

A dropped shadow item has two gem slots no matter the roman numeral. Thus, those who are under level 100 will be able to use shadow items between the roman numerals of I-III (Item class, 0,5,10) and have two gem slots, if they suit the respective stat requirement.

Shadow Items can be smashed at the Equipment Shop for gold or sold in Sales Chat for a better profit. The shop does not take into account what gems may be enchanted into the items.

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