Upgrading Shadow Items

Dropped shadow items can be upgraded to:

  • Mythic (variations are: Mythic for damaging spells, Mystic for Weapons, Armor and Heals, Spiked for shields) Upgrade at 2,1 Temple of Shadows
  • Ancestral (variations are: Ancestral for Weapons and Armor, Primal for Spells) Upgrade at 0,0 Fallen Temple
  • Godly (variations are: Godly for Weapons and Armor, Divine for Spells) Upgrade at 8,7 Temple of Ultimate Wisdom

Upgrading Shadow items to Mythic costs only Gold, but upgrading beyond that requires increasing amounts of Fusion Points, as well.
Along with those costs, the level and stats requirements are also increased. Especially when upgrading to Godly/Divine, the jump can be quite significant.

Make sure you double check the level requirements by using the in-game command: /myth

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