Shimlar Owner and Development Admin
Located in the UK

Scott is the proud owner of the domain and the respective limited company SHIMLAR LTD. Scott has been around for a number of years and has his fair share of hate and love. He splits his time between family and Shimlar you may see him for a week and then he disappears for a few days and then reappears. He is very unpredictable.


Lead Developer

Located in the USA

Haggar is an experienced individual and takes a lot of hiatus due to his large work commitment as a meteorologist – He in simple terms is Shimlars genius mind! He takes great care and pride in his work and the grinding cogs of Shimlar simply would be broken without him!


Development Team/Analytical coordinator  

Located in Australia

Zan is a good friend to the administration and puts in hours of effort into finding cheaters/scripters and most recently has been learning the ways of code development, he is an asset to the team and Shimlar would truly be lost without him!


Player Support Admin
Located in Argentina

Mati is a very close friend to most of the Shimlar staff and administration and beyond! Mati has been around since the dawn of Shimlar and will continue in his role of Player Support Admin.

Alpr (USA)

Dev Support Admin
Located in USA

Software engineer and gamer. Loves Power Rangers!

My name= (A)lex (L)oves (P)ower (R)angers

Decanus (UK)

Content Management
Located in the UK

Professional website designer and digital marketer. Been around since 2002, now works on the manual, forums and anything the staff need. Can usually be found looking at memes on Reddit.

Who are the Arch Moderators?

  • Liviath (AU)

    Will push you off the planet

    Rosa (USA)

  • Will buy you a beer after the Liviath push

Who are the moderators?

      • Anonymous (USA)
      • Some Dude (Canada)
        • Chibo (DK)
    • Rinehart (UK)

“Credit is given where credit is due to those that we have lost or had to let go over the years”

It’s with mutual respect that I must personally thank all those that have worked on Shimlar over the years, I won’t list content added or I would be here all day!

Without further ado I personally thank the following people for all the time, effort, commitment, slavery and voluntary work completed on Shimlar (In a kind of chronological order)

Toshax, Lord ArPharazon, Fliteska, Sweet, Lord Bug, Vaco, Kayley (My Wife), OVH (Our host provider)

Without the above people Shimlar simply wouldn’t be around today it’d be something else under a different name which wouldn’t be as nostalgic it would’t be as dramatic it just simply wouldn’t be Shimlar!

The service they provided was second to none and priceless to the operation of Shimlar to this very day I have massive respect to these people and we must thank them for everything they have done.


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